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Ten Days of Giving to Horizons

Paravel Courier Bags


The Paravel bags sold out in record time.  But visit their website not to see what other amazing products they offer >>

I was put in touch with the Paravel team when they were still using mock-ups and drawings. I was contacted as somewhat of a travel enthusiast and packing aficionado, and they were thinking that I might have some guidance to offer. A little bit later, when they were taking investments, I decided to invest in their company. This is only the second time I’ve done that, and I couldn’t feel better about my investment – their stuff is amazing. Their packing cubes are the best in the biz; their weekender duffle is my go-to bag for a short trip; I wear their cross-body bag every day; and their Courier bag is my favorite accessory to take to a meeting or out on a night where I have more than my usual variety of things in my purse.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love them more, they agreed to partake in the 10 Days of Giving. They were really enthusiastic about donating product to help benefit the kids supported by Horizons, and I could not be more thrilled to introduce them to you. We have four different colors of Courier bags for you guys, and for a donation of $50, one could be yours.

Typically, these bags retail for $205, so they’ve even given you a discount. You can spill anything on them, and after having them for a year, I promise they’ll look brand new. I am completely obsessed with all my Paravel stuff, and I’m sure you will be soon as well.

Welcome to the squad, Paravel, and thank you for being donors during your first year in existence!

Love, Allison

The first 30 donors who give $50 or more will receive a Paravel Courier.

At Paravel, we believe luxury is about quality, not price, and that “craftsmanship” is more than just a buzzword. We spent a year testing factories and materials to find the very best.
We also believe beautiful things should be practical. Cotton canvas served generations of explorers as sailcloth and tents. Modern life has different needs—more spills, less sailing—so we reinvented this material to outperform the everyday.

Paravel is a mindset and a movement—a re-imagining of what luxury means for a new wave of adventurers.


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