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Ten Days of Giving to Horizons

Coffee "Mugs" with the GIRLS


Recently, I posted a photo of the “I’m a Marnie…It’s a Bummer” mug on my Instagram. I was feeling nostalgic for GIRLS, and I had those mugs made as part of my final season’s wrap gifts for the Marnies in the cast and crew. Given the response to the photo, we’ve decided to make more mugs to benefit Horizons. And this time, we’re expanding them to include all the major characters.

There are limited quantities of each mug, so hurry up to get yours. 

And we’re pricing them at a ridiculous $25 per mug because this is, after all, about raising money for the kids that benefit from Horizons National. And I figured you hardcore fans out there wouldn’t mind spending the extra dough if it’s going to a good cause…which I promise it is. 

Get yours before they sell-out!!


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