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Welcome to 10 Days of Giving!

Allison Williams is many things – actress; TV addict; semicolon enthusiast; dog owner; and ambassador for Horizons, a nationwide program that believes, as she does, that all children, regardless of income, should have the opportunity to realize their potential.  Learn more about Horizons >>

So she came up with this great idea last year – partner with her favorite brands to raise funds to help Horizons grow.

It’s called 10 Days of Giving, and here’s how it works:

Every day from July 18 to July 27, Allison will unveil a new special item – and it can be yours, for a minimum donation to Horizons. All kinds of cool stuff will come up, products Allison believes in. Best of all, your donations go straight to Horizons to help serve more kids in more communities.  

Allison will post videos twice daily (12 pm EST and 4 pm EST) on her Instagram (@aw) and Facebook (@AllisonWilliamsOfficial). Be sure to check-in so you don’t miss anything!