How to Use and Maintain a Chainsaw

While you see them almost in every home, chainsaws are not home-friendly products. In fact, they can be one of the most dangerous tools anyone can have at home – so learning how to use it is essential.

That’s what you’re going to learn today; how to use a chainsaw. But to make the content even better, you’ll learn how to maintain and keep the chainsaw working for several years.

If you are a chainsaw beginner or just want to be reassured with your chainsaw knowledge – then this article is for you. We’re going to teach you everything you need to know as a chainsaw user. Scroll down to learn!

How to Use a Chainsaw

To prevent any misuse, accident, or just to make sure you can finish any wood-cutting job – you’ll have to learn how to use a chainsaw.

We’ll start with the starting process:

How to Start a Chainsaw

This is the most important and first thing to know. Chainsaws are powerful machines, so the powering process tends to be a little complicated like most potent tools out there. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. For a cold-engine saw (not being used in the previous 30 minutes), you need first to place it on the ground. Then, put the chain brake forward to unlock the blade.
  2. Once the machine is on stable ground, you should put a foot over it or grab it with one of your hands tightly. Make sure to pull/activate the choke control if the machine has any. Then push the decompression valve if the chainsaw has one. Finally, press the primer bulb 6 times.
  3. By now, the machine is ready to start. Using your other hand, you need to pull the starting trigger. It should be a strong and fast pull for the chainsaw to start.
  4. Once the top 50cc chainsaw started, you need to push the throttle, so it becomes stable. You can now grab the machine, test the throttle trigger, and try cutting some small pieces of wood. If it performs well, then you’ve successfully started the machine.
  5. To turn it off, you can turn the ignition switch to the OFF position. This will power off the machine.

This video may help you out:

 How Does an Electric Chainsaw Start?

The previous explanation was the starting process of a gas-powered chainsaw. For electric models, the starting is far simpler.

You just need to pull a trigger, push a button, and that’s it. Of course, electric models often have throttle locks and chain brakes that you should disengage for the machine to start. But overall, this takes less time and effort. You can do it with one hand even (not recommended).

 General Chainsaw Guidelines

When it comes to using a chainsaw directly on the wood, then you’ll have to follow a little more complex set of steps. Here’s what you should do:

  1. The first cut with the machine should be safe just to test. Start by holding the front handle (with your left hand) and grab the rear or top handle with your right.
  2. Then, you should put your legs apart. This position will let you have more stability when cutting. Once in the position, disengage the brake and throttle lock so the machine can start.
  3. By now, you are ready to make the first cut. Remember that chainsaws have a throttle trigger that increases the blade power while pushed. The more you push this trigger, the more power the blade will have (until it reaches its max of course).
  4. For the cuts, try only using the bottom and top parts of the blade. Using the tip of the bar will probably generate kickback, engage the chain brake, and stop the machine. And surely, you don’t want that.
  5. You can cut either pushing from the top using the bottom of the blade, or cut from the bottom using the top of the bar.
  6. Never cut anything that’s not wood or similar. Stay away from metal as much as possible.
  7. Keep the chainsaw at waist level for the best comfort & control over it. And keep the bar as far as possible from your body to prevent any kickback from producing unwanted damage.

This is how you use a chainsaw. Now it is time to learn how to keep it working for long.

How to Maintain a Chainsaw

Every chainsaw needs proper maintenance to last. Otherwise, it may end up unusable in just months or even weeks. To prevent that, follow these tips:

  • Always check the chain tension before using. Make sure it is appropriately tightened to avoid any loosening while using.
  • Keep the bar, trigger, locks, and brakes clean. This will improve the performance and overall durability of the product.
  • For gas-powered models with air filters – make sure to clean them with a brush and air if possible. These are essential to keep the motor working without overheating.
  • Lubricate the chain consistently (at least once every 1 hour of use). If the chainsaw has an automatic oiling system, make sure to keep the reservoir filled to prevent chain damage.

Lastly, just remember to maintain the machine stored in a safe place. Apart from all that, we recommend always following the manufacturer’s steps for doing upkeep to your chainsaw. Then, you’ll have a long-lasting and reliable product to enjoy.

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Bottom Line

Using a chainsaw and keeping it in a good state is not as easy as it seems. Luckily, it is not too hard either.

Reading this guide will give you an excellent idea of what you have to do. So don’t waste more of your time trying to figure it out yourself and follow our advice. You won’t regret it.

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