How to Choose the Best Table Saw?

Updated On — 30th Mar, 2019

When shopping for the best table saw, you can be confused as there quite a number of models on the market. The table saw is a great tool to have and will give you the capacity to make different cuts, on different applications. With this guide, I will help you make the process easier. Stay with me and let me show you how to land on the perfect tool.

What is the best table saw for the money?

How to Choose the Best Table Saw

Table Saw Types

It is imperative to know that there are different types of table saw, with each having different capabilities. Here are the options to choose from:

  • Contractor Table Saws: These are stationary and quite large. You will able to cut large pieces of stock with these models.
  • Hybrid Table Saws: These are types that combine a number of features from the other types of table saw. The size is smaller than contractor models, but handle large applications than the cabinet table saw.
  • Cabinet Table Saws: This type comes with a cabinet base. These are also heavy and ideal for making cuts on tough applications.
  • Portable Table Saws: These are compact in size and light and they have moved around easily. They are perfect for jobsite tasks.

Basic Components of a Table Saw

Before you can go out to buy a table saw, it is advisable to understand what essential features to look for. Here are the basic essentials that your table saw needs to have:

  • Bevel Feature: Have a model that gives you the option to make corner and bevel cuts.
  • Rip Fence: This is crucial and allows you to achieve actuate cuts, as it serves as a guide.
  • Miter Gauge: For angular cuts, this is the guide that you need to have. Read here quality miter gauge full review here

There are portable models that come with a myriad of advanced features. However, ensure that you are paying for only features that you will need.

How is the Table Saw Drive Configured?

Table saws will have one of these types of motors:

  • Belt Drive Motor: This comes with a belt as the main conduit of transferring the power from the motor to the blade.
  • Direct Drive Motor: In this case, the power from the motor will go directly to the blade.

Key Table Saw Accessories

Accessories are meant to enhance the functionality of your table saw. Here are the main ones to look out for:

  • Mobile Stand: This is useful for jobsite contractors, you can move from one point to another easily.
  • Dado Sets: For all the shelving and joinery projects, you will need to use the dado sets.
  • Extension Tables: This will give you more space and support for the larger workpieces saw blade.

Table Saw Features

What makes a table saw effective is the features that it carries. Here are some of the critical features that a good table saw needs to have:Table Saw Features

  • Powerful Motor: Check the amps of the motor so as to pick one that is equivalent to your tasks.
  • Blade: The type of blade your saw will use will determine the type of tasks that you can handle.
  • Rip Fence: This is convenient for rip cuts and will guide to make accurate cuts.
  • Blade Guard: This is a safety feature as it does not only protect the blade, but also your hands from direct contact with the blade.
  • Mobile Stand: This allows you to use your saw anywhere as you can move the stand easily.
  • Dust Port: Management of the dust is essential and as such, you need to find a model with a functional dust chute.

Table Saw Blades

There are different types of blades that can be used with a table saw and the type you have will dictate the cuts you can make. Here are the main blade types:Table Saw Blades

  • Cross Cut Blades: These are for making cross cuts
  • Rip Blades: With this blade, you will make rip cuts along the grain of the workpiece
  • Carbide-tipped Blades: These are for tough applications and are quite durable
  • Hallow Ground Blade: With this blade, you can cut materials like acrylic.
  • Combination Blades: If you want to make different cuts, this would be the type of blade to use.

What Does The Best Table Saw Have?

  • Accurate and Smooth Cutting: Go for a model that has a blade which will cut easily through any application. Should be able to make crosscuts, beveled cuts as well as rip cuts.
  • Safety Features: Safety is paramount when it comes to the use of table saw. Some of the safety features include flesh detection, anti-kickback pawls as well as blade guards.
  • Easy to Adjust: To enhance productivity, you need to get a model that will be easy to adjust. A good model should be able to align with the workpiece easily. Levers and wheels should be easy to lubricate so as to avoid friction.
  • Excellent Dust Control: Being able to manage dust is essential to a table saw. Most models will come with a dust port that can be connected to a vacuum. This enhances the use of the saw in a safe manner.
  • Solid Construction: You will need to invest in a model that has a firm and durable construction. Check all the parts and ensure that they are made of metal and not plastic. Cast iron is one of the best materials that you can have a table saw made from.

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What You Should Know Before You Buy?

With the various models of table saws on the market, you would need to have some guidance in making your choice. Here are some of the critical considerations that you need to bear in mind:Choose the Best Table Saw

  • Power Requirements: What is the power requirement of the table saw. There are some that will need 120 volts, while there are others that run on 240 volts. The ones that handle heavy-duty tasks will use 240 volts, while most portable models will run on the 120 volts.
  • Space Available: The amount of space that you have is also an essential consideration when you intend to buy a table saw. If you want a cabinet saw, it is will stationary and you will need to factor in the space that it takes. Most mobile models have a compact design, which can also be folded up when not in use.
  • Matching Power to Needs: What you intend to cut is another consideration before buying a table saw. When you have a horsepower of 1 to 2 horsepower, you can cut up to 2 inches. Anything that is over 3 inches, will need 3 to 5 HP. Also, consider the size of the table saw and the size of the workpieces to cut.
  • Mobility: if you are a job site contractor, you need to move with the saw from one site to another. Look for a model with a collapsible design and smaller in size, to transport it with ease. For a stand that has wheels, be sure to check that you can handle any terrain without a problem.
  • Blade Factor: The other critical bit to consider is the type of blade that the saw will accept. This is also influenced by the type of cuts that you intend to make and the materials that you will be cutting.
  • Bevel Capability: Being able to make bevel and corner cuts are essential. This is what makes your saw versatile. Check the angles that you can adjust the saw to make bevel cuts.
  • Accessories: The accessories that your table saw has is what will determine the tasks that you can handle. Besides checking the accessories that the saw has, you should consider those that it is compatible with.

Making the Buying Decision

Having the right information is what will help you to make the right decision. If you have an interest in woodwork projects, you should consider this guide and this can help you save money. A cabinet saw is a great investment for your workshop, while a portable model is right for jobsite projects.

Final Recommendation

There are quite a number of models that you can buy from the market. In order to choose the best table saw, you need to consider all the issues that we have discussed in this guide. The information shared here is useful and it is my hope that it will be of great value and benefit to you. If you found this buyer guide to be useful, please feel free to share with your friends and loved ones. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question or any query.

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