Best Table Saw Taper Jig Reviews With Buyer Guide 2020

Updated On — 14th Jan, 2021

Table Saw Taper JigWhen it comes to creating fine finishing, you may want to make tampered cuts and this is where the table saw taper jig comes into play. This is an essential accessory to use with your table saw.

As fate would have it, there are so many different taper jigs that you will need to use with the table saw. This makes it quite a tall order for you to pick the right one. I have made this work easier for you and have reviewed some of the best taper jigs on the market.

Why Saw Taper Jig and Its Benefit

The table saw is one of the power tools that are gaining popularity by the day. The taper jig is an instrumental accessory that will make it easier for you to make detailed cuts, with optimum precision. This allows you to make deep cuts, which will run parallel to the grain.

Some of the benefits of tapering jigs are that they are used to make table legs and other cuts. You can customize them to make unique cuts to serve your needs. If you need to make rip cuts at an angle, this is the accessory to have on your table saw.

With these simple pointers, you should be able to pick the right tapering jig. Now let’s go straight into the reviews:

What’s the Best Table Saw Taper Jig?

If you need to improve your woodworking finishes, a tapering jig is essential. Since there are so many on the market, I have made the work easier for you and reviewed some of the best models. These reviews will help you buy the right table saw taper jig:

01. POWERTEC 71035 Table Saw Taper Jig

The POWERTEC 71035 is one of a kind table saw taper jig that allows you to make angled cuts with ease and it comes with a metal hinge to make work easier. With this model, your table saw becomes quite versatile as you are able to make a number of unique cuts. The tool is sturdy and will hardly break when you are using it. This will make it possible to achieve clean and accurate cuts.

There is a stop that has been included on the back side of the POWERTEC 71035 and this is quite convenient. A number of tapering jigs lack the ability to hold the stock in place and this stop will serve this purpose. There are aluminum extruded guide bars, which enhance the efficiency of the accessory. This is not only durable, but it is stable enough when making cuts.

Whether you use your right or left hand, you will find the jig to be ideal for your needs. It also comes with a graduated scale, which allows you to measure up to 3 inches per square taper cuts and 15 degrees. With a weight of only 2 pounds, you will easily control it to make your desired cuts.

Powertec 71035 Taper Jig Features

  • The POWERTEC 71035 has a graduated scale allowing you to make taper cuts of up to 15 degrees and 2 inches per sq. foot.
  • There is a backside stop, which will hold your workpiece in place.
  • There are extruded guide bars that are on this taper jig and this enhances the strength and stability of this model.
  • With a weight of only 2 pounds, you will easily handle and control the jig to make your preferred cuts.
  • It is made of high-grade aluminum, which makes it strong and durable.

02. Fulton Table Saw Taper Jig

Fulton Taper Jig, that will revolutionize all your woodworking projects. It has been rated as one of the best jigs for table saws and it will be certainly worth your money. For all the slight angular cuts, this is the tapering jig to use and it will enhance the performance of your table saw. With the Fulton taper jig, you will easily be able to cut tapered cuts.

The overall length of this jig is 24 inches and this caters for most tapered cuts. You can use this with a rip fence so as to make accurate cuts, effortlessly. It is made of industrial grade aluminum and this gives you the assurance of a strong and sturdy tapering jig. It is designed to be used for both right hand and left hand operations.

The built-in scale is an amazing feature to have as it makes it easier to take measurements of your cuts. It is easy to use and you can make measurements of up to 15 degrees and 3 inches per square foot. This jig is completely adjustable and as such, you will make tapered cuts at the angle that you prefer.

Fulton Taper Jig Features

  • This is one of the models that are easy to use and supports both right and left hand use.
  • There is a convenience of a built in scale that will allow you to measure taper cuts of up to 15 degrees.
  • This taper jig is made of aluminum, which is quite sturdy and will last for quite a long time.
  • The model is completely adjustable, allowing you to make cuts at the preferred angle.
  • With a length of 24 inches and a backside stop, you will get excellent support for your workpiece.

03. Big Horn 19066 Taper Jig

There are so many reasons why the Big Horn 19066 taper jig ranks as the best table saw taper jig. This is known to be one of those models that are built to last as it is made of high quality aluminum. With this model, you will be able to make high quality and professional taper cuts. There is a metal hinge that is conveniently placed so as to ensure that it does not break when you are using it.

There is a graduated scale that is included and this allows you to make measurements of 3 inches per sq. foot or 15 degrees of taper. This is a versatile jig as it also comes with T-slotted sides and provides you with an adjustable stop for the work piece. The jig is 24 inches long and this supports most of the tapered cuts. You enjoy the convenience of the design as it can be used for both hands.

The Big Horn 19066 taper jig comes with grooved outer edges, which are essential to the sturdiness of this model. With a very light weight of only 2 pounds, handling it will be easy when making your cuts. The workpiece will be securely held in place when working with this jig.

Big Horn Taper Jig Features

  • Big Horn 19066 taper jig comes with a built in graduated scale that allows you to make tapers of up to 15 degrees.
  • This is a model that is built to last as it is made of high quality and professional grade aluminum.
  • With the strong metal hinge and grooved edges, you will use this jig with the confidence of knowing that it can never break.
  • There is hand reversible operation and as such, you can conveniently use it for both right and left hands.
  • It measures 24 inches long and has a weight of 2 pounds, making it the perfect jig for your table saw.

04. WoodRiver Taper Jig

Are you making tables, chairs or any other furniture that needs perfect finishes?  Then you will need to have the WoodRiver Taper jig. The table saw is a great tool to have, but with this taper jig, you will make it even better. The jig allows you to cut tapers in a short while and in total accuracy. This is certainly a great addition to have in your table saw accessories.

This jig allows you to make taper cuts of up to 15 degrees of 3 inches per square foot. It comes with guide bars, which are strong and durable as they are made of aluminum. It is easy to assemble and use as you can use it, irrespective of the hand that you use. It has a graduated scale that is built in to facilitate easier measurements. You will make tapers with so much ease, with the help of this jig.

There is a push handle of 2 5/8 inches, which has been included on the guide bars. The WoodRiver Taper jig has an ergonomic design and serves the interests of both professionals as well as beginners. This is a model that is worth your money and will improve all your woodworking projects that need tapered cuts.

WoodRiver table saw Taper Jig Features

  • The amazing design of the WoodRiver Taper jig allows it to be used for both right hands and left-hand operations.
  • There are aluminum guide bars that are included and also 2-5/8 inches push handles that will give you excellent control.
  • There built-in graduated scale is essential and allows you to make cuts of up to 15 degrees and also 3 inches per square foot.
  • This model is made of high-grade aluminum and this assures of sturdiness and durability.
  • The WoodRiver Taper jig is 24 inches long and as such, all the common tapers will be accommodated, without a problem.

How to Choose the Perfect Taper Jig?

When you go out shopping, the intention should be to buy the best table saw taper jig. Here are some of the key factors that will help you pick the right accessory to use:

  • Construction MaterialTable Saw Taper Jig Reviews

Anytime that you go out shopping for any table saw accessory you need to pay attention to the construction material. In the case of taper jigs, you should consider those that are made of aluminum as they are durable and will hardly rust. With solid construction, the jig will work effectively.

  • User Friendliness

Being able to work with the taper jig with great ease is essential. You should look for one that is easy to assemble and use on your table saw. This is one of the ways that you will enhance productivity. As such, do a proper background check to see to it that you find a model that is rated as user friendly by customers.

  • Size and Weight

Each tapering jig has measurements and this should be paid attention to. Look at the specific dimensions to ensure that it works with your table saw and serves your needs. In addition to this, it is imperative to consider the weight. You do not want to overwhelm yourself with a very heavy model as this can be difficult to control.

  • Design and Features

Find a jig that has an appealing and functional design. Some of the essential things to look out for include the grip and the handle. Also, ensure that you find a design that favors your strong hand. There those that are designed for left-handers and right-handers.

How to Use a Taper Jig on a Table Saw?

In the past, when you needed to make tapered cuts, you would have to use your hands, which took quite some time and compromised on the accuracy. Fortunately, the taper jigs have made this much easier and they will allow you to make cuts, at an angle, effortlessly. With the right table saw taper jig, you will be able to make repeated cuts that are consistent. Here is how to use your taper jig safely:

  1. Lay the Cutbest Table Saw Taper Jig

The first step is to lay out the cut that is to be made. This line should be marked on the piece of wood. This will allow you to set the taper jig easily and accurately. If you are making identical cuts, you need to lay out on the first piece only. Once the jig is set, you can make the other repeated cuts with ease.

  1. Aligning the taper jig

You should make sure that the cut line is parallel to the rip fence. This allows the jig and fence to hold the work piece in place. To align the jig, ensure that the saw is off and disconnected from power. Place the taper jig against the fence with the work piece against your jig. Adjust the angle of the jig to achieve your preferred position. All these should be done before starting the saw.

  1. Making Tapered Cuts

Stand to the right of the fence and if you have limited space, secure the jig and stock together. Now push the jig and the workpiece through the saw blade and do not force it. Allow the blade to make the cuts. Eventually, the cut workpiece will fall on the other side of the blade.

Table Saw Taper Jig FAQs

Q: What is the maximum size of work piece can I cut with a taper jig?

A: In most cases, the taper jigs are 24 inches in length, and this allows you to cut any board that you have. All you need to check is the space available in your workshop and the overall weight of the board being cut.

Q: How do I attach the jig to the table saw?  

A: Please note that when using a taper jig, it will not attach to the table saw, at any point. The only thing that it attaches to is the work piece that you are working on.

Q: Will I be able to make repeat cuts consistently with the taper jig?  

A: Yes and the good news is that you will only need to align the jig for the first piece you cut.

Q: Which size of a tapering jig should I buy?

A: This is a question of the type of work that you have. However, with the 24 inches long taper jig, you will have an easy time working with the jig. This accommodates most taper cuts.

Q: Can make smaller angles with my taper jig?

A: Depending on the model that you have, you should be able to make smaller angles. Most of them are able to measure 0 to 15 degrees.

Final Recommendation

If you have come this far, then you must have gathered adequate information to help you find the right jig. I have reviewed some of the leading models, on the market and I believe that this should give you clear guidance on the one to pick. I have also shared some crucial pointers to help you with your purchasing decision. From the models that I have reviewed, I recommend thePOWERTEC 71035 Table Saw Taper Jig as the best table saw taper jig. If this guide has been of great help to you, please let us know. Feel free to share this with your family and friends and help them as well.

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