Best Table Saw Miter Gauge Reviews 2021

Updated On — 14th Jan, 2021

If you are able to make accurate cuts, then it woodworking becomes more interesting. The table saw is one of the greatest tools that you can have to achieve such cuts. However, that will not be enough on its own and this is why you will need to have a table saw miter gauge. This is a convenient accessory especially for joinery and shelving tasks as it allows you to make angular cuts, accurately.

There are so many different types of miter gauges on the market and this can be somewhat confusing for a number of users. The essence of this guide is to make the process of choosing a miter gauge easier for you. I will share with you all the relevant details about this accessory and even review some of the top rated models to help you with your decision. Please read to the end and you will find this information quite valuable.

What is the Best Table Saw Miter Gauge?

In the same way that there are different models of table saws, you will find quite a handful of miter gauges on the market. I have taken the time to review a number of them, which rank highly on the market. With this table saw miter gauge reviews, I believe that you will be able to identify one that serves your needs, which will help you with your purchasing decision. Here are the top rated miter gauges for you:

01. Incra MITER5000 Miter 5000 Table Saw Miter Gauge with Sled and Telescoping Fence

This Incra miter gauge brings together all the best features that one would be looking for on a miter gauge. You will effortlessly be able to measure and make accurate angular cuts with this particular model. The good news is that is compatible with most of the major models of table saws, which makes it be versatile. The clamping abilities on these models are quite impressive as it will make it easier for you to secure the workpiece as it easily attaches to the table saw.

Whether you are a professional or a novice, you will love this table saw miter as it has an almost zero error of margin. As such, you will be able to make predictable cuts with the help of this particular model. The other bit that you will love is the fact that it is durable as it is made of aluminum. There are 3 panels and 2 T tracks on the special sled and are all made of aluminum, which is light, yet long lasting.

With the zero clearance, you will be able to align the miter gauge with the main sled without a problem. It also has a telescoping fence that has a capacity ranging from 36 to 64 inches. There are slots that have been included on the right side of the sled and this will help you to secure the miter gauge to the table saw.

Incra miter 5000 Features

  • The Incra miter 5000 is made of aluminum and has a compact design, which makes it easier to carry.
  • The markings are laser cut on solid still and as such, they will be permanently visible and never fade out.
  • This tool has a 364 lock solid stop feature, which as 0.5 degree increments and this facilitates exact measurements and cuts.
  • The clamping feature is also incredible as the miter gauge will attach to the saw and this allows you to make cuts with the utmost precision.
  • There are 2 T tracks and 3 panels and this allows you to make angular cuts with ease as the miter gauge has exceptional angle control.

02. POWERTEC 71391 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System 24” x 3” multi –track fence with 27 Angle Stops

When you have a good miter gauge for table saw, you will love every moment that you spend with your table saw. The Powertec miter gauge is loaded with a myriad of features, which are designed to make it easier to achieve angled cuts, with the utmost precision. The biggest advantage is that this model is being set and as such, there would be no need for calibration. The precision lens cursor enhances your visibility and allows you to make accurate cuts.

There are positive stops, which are spaced at 0, 10, 22 1/2, 30 and 45 degrees. These will help you make use of the miter gauge whether you ate an expert or not. With this model, you have the liberty to make adjustments to 1/10th of a degree. The Vernier scale included in the tool is easy to use and does not require any calibration as well. You will be able to this gauge with different types of table saws.

The Powertec precision miter gauge has a fence that is made of anodizing aluminum, which is quite stable and durable. Whenever you need to make repeat cuts on your workpiece, this is the accessory to use as it will save you so much time. There is a swing stop that will grant you maximum control when using the miter gauge.

POWERTEC 71391 Features

  • This model comes with a Swing Stop feature, which is essential as it gives you great control.
  • There are 5 positive stops, which have also been included at 0, 10, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees, to allow you to make cuts at the desired angle.
  • The Powertec Precision miter gauge system has a micro-adjuster, which allows you to make adjustments to 1/100th
  • The markings are laser cut on solid steel and you will be able to see them clearly for as long as you use the tool.
  • This model is preset from the factory and there will be no calibration needed. You can use it straight from the box.

03. Incra MITERV27 Miter V27 Miter Gauge

With this miter gauge, you will have so much liberty as it comes with a total of 27 angle stops. This is not an accessory that works with the table saw only, it will work with band saws, disk sanders and router tables among others. This is a versatile model and you will easily be able to achieve accurate cuts. Their incremental controls are essential when it comes to the use of the tool.

There is a Flip Shop Stop feature and this comes in handy when you have to make repeat cuts. This table saw miter gauge has incredible precision when you are making the cuts. The angle stops have 5 degree increments and ate across the 180 degrees range. The miter gauge offers +/- 60 degrees miter cuts and includes special stops of +/- 22 ½ degrees. There are an AngleLock indexing feature and a GlideLock miter bar, which enhance the accuracy of cuts.

The dual pivoting flip arms of this model are meant to give you the exact accuracy that you are looking for. You will enjoy a total of 4 expansion points, which will adjust with zero side play and anti-frictional travel. This is what keeps the bar stable when you are making cuts. This model comes with universal mounting brackets.

Incra miterv27 miter Features

  • There are universal mounting brackets that are included on this miter gauge to attach to the saw easily.
  • This model gives you 27 angle stops and will give you exceptional control for precise cuts.
  • The 4 expansion points can easily be adjusted to a level of zero play on the bar. This means that it will be intact and not wobble when in use.
  • The compact design and minimal size of the miter gauge make it easier to use and even carry around.
  • There is a flip shop stop as well as dual pivoting flip arms, which are features that make this to rank as a versatile model.

04. DELTA Deluxe Miter Gauge

You cannot go wrong with the Delta Deluxe Miter gauge as it is one of the most reliable models that you will find on the market. This is one of the tools that have a great emphasis on user comfort without compromising on the strength that it delivers. This is a gauge that works for any miter groves of 3/8 x ¾ inches. If there is something that you can be confident about this tool is the accuracy that it delivers.

This miter gauge works with any saw that comes with a T-slot miter grove. It is ranked among the heavy duty accessories as it is made to of solid construction. There is a washer that has been included in the package and as such it will not tip when being used on surfaces with extended edges. The adjustable guide bar will fit like a glove to the miter slots, leaving no room for play.

There are positive stops at all the common angles and as such, you will easily make your cuts. The oversized grips will give you maximum control of the gauge and enhance your comfort. There are solid markings, which are permanently visible and this allows you to mark angles and make cuts with ease. The miter gauge will fit on majority of miter grooves without a problem.

Delta Miter gauge Features

  • This model comes with very large grips and as such, you will enjoy great control and maximum comfort.
  • The miter gauge is designed in such a manner that it will fit into most miter groove slots conveniently.
  • The tip resistant washer is useful as it makes sure that the miter gauge is steady and not wavering when in use.
  • There are positive stops, which have been placed at all the common angles and as such, you will achieve accurate cuts with ease.
  • It works with any saw that has a T-slot groove and as such, it is a versatile miter gauge to have in your possession.

How to Determine What Table Saw Miter Gauge Is Best For You?

After going to the reviews above, you must have an idea of the miter gauge that you can buy. However, there are some specific considerations that you may want to put to mind so as to find the best table saw miter gauge. Here are some of the main considerations:

  • Movement of the StockTable Saw Miter Gauge

A good miter gauge is one that will eliminate any movement of your workpiece as well as friction. This means that you should pick one that has a high quality sled.

  • Capacity

Before settling for any model, check the range and the capacity. This will determine the type of tasks that you can undertake with your gauge.

  • Compatibility

Which saws and tools will the miter gauge work with? Knowing the compatibility of your miter gauge will help you with your decision.

  • Ease of Use

Most of the modern models will be calibrated from the factory and this makes it easier to use and even adjust. You need to go for a model that does not take the whole day to set up. This will increase productivity.

  • Construction

In this case, you will need to pay attention to the material that has been used in making your miter gauge. Go for those that are made of aluminum or steel as they tend to be durable. It would also be imperative to check the design and size.

How to Use Table Saw Miter Gauge Properly?

The saddest bit would be having a miter gauge table saw and not making full use of it. Learning how to use the miter gauge properly will help you make a wide range of cuts and in a safe manner. I have put together a simple guide that you can follow so as to make the right cuts with your miter gauge.

  • Making Square Cross CutsBest Table Saw Miter Gauge

The simplest and easiest cuts that you can make with your miter gauge. In order to make these cuts, you will need to have the miter gauge set to 90 degrees. There is not complexity in making the square cross cuts as and this is the beginning point for most people. Once the miter gauge is set to a right angle, slide it all the way forward until you can see the front area. When making this marking, ensure that the table saw is not connected to power.

Ensure that there are no gaps that have been left between the miter gauge and the saw blade and then lock down the workpiece. You can use your preferred clamp system, but be sure that the stock is secure. At this point, you can slide the miter gauge backward. Place the workpiece against the flat part of the gauge and use a pencil to make your markings. Now you can connect the table saw and make your cuts using the miter gauge to guide you.

  • How to Make Angled Cross-Cuts

There is a whole lot of similarity between the angled cuts and the square cross cuts. The process is the same, with the only difference being the angle at which you will set the miter gauge. In this case, it will be set at a 45 degrees angle. With the miter gauge set at that angle, all you need to do is follow the same steps as with the square cross cuts. Clamp your workpiece and make the relevant markings to make the angular cuts. Only connect the table saw to power when you are ready to make the cuts.

  • Making Specialty Cuts

You can also use the miter gauge to make specialty cuts. In this case, you would need to have a miter gauge and a jigsaw. Using a wood strip will give you more stability. Place the wood strip facing the miter gauge. In most cases, specialty cuts will be done on longboards. To make these cuts, attach your jigsaw to the miter gauge and make the cuts as guided by the manufacturer.

Final Recommendation

The miter gauge is a must-have accessory for professional woodworkers as well as hobbyists who want to make angled cuts. If you have come this far, you must have gathered some solid information to help you make a good purchasing decision. As long as you can land on the right miter gauge, it will be very easy to make the desired cuts.

I have reviewed a number of models in this guide so as to help you with your decision. From the models I have picked, I recommend the Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System as the perfect table saw miter gauge to have. This is a model that is quite versatile and will help you achieve accurate cuts. If you have found this guide to be useful, please share it around and also leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.

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