Best Table Saw Blade Reviews and Buyer Guide 2021

Updated On — 14th Jan, 2021

A table saw is an essential tool to use in woodworking projects. However, the success of the tool depends on the type of blade that you choose to use. In this comprehensive guide, I intend to help you choose the best table saw blade. This is what will make it easier for you to achieve the desired cuts.

The type of material that you are cutting as well as the table saw model you have will determine the blade that you should use. Since there are many blades, allow me to share some crucial details to help you choose the right blade.

Types of Saw Blade

If your searching for the best table saw blade, you should note that there are different categories of blades. Each type of blade has its own unique use. We will look at the 4 main types of blades, which are:  

  1. Ripping blades
  2. Crosscut blades
  3. Combination blades
  4. Composite blades
  • Ripping Blades

Ripping blades are used for ripping task. These come with about 20 to 30 teeth and they have very large gullets in between the teeth. This is how they are able to remove a lot of material with each single pass, giving you faster cuts.

  • Crosscut Blades

The crosscut blades, on the other hand, have more teeth about 3 times those of ripping blades. These are designed to give you clean and neat cuts. The blade will be effective when you want to cut across the grain, which is referred to as crosscutting.

  • Combination Blades

If you are looking for a blade with both crosscutting and ripping capabilities, this is a perfect choice. These are for general use and will be ideal for you if you need both crosscutting and ripping. They are not as effective as the crosscut or rip blades but will serve the purpose.

  • Composite Blades

The composite blades will be useful if you need to make cuts of other materials besides lumber. You will use this blade to cut plywood and MDF among other materials. There are different types of blades in this category and you get to pick the one for your specific needs.

  • Specialized Blades

Besides the 4 main categories of blades, there are some blades that are designed for special functions. A good example is the dado stacks, which are useful for dado cuts. If you need to make dado cuts, you will need such specialized blades.

Which Saw Blade Should I Buy?

Having a table saw is a great achievement and this makes your work easier. However, you need to also consider the type of blade that you are having, depending on the cuts that you want to achieve. The wrong blade is one of the reasons why table saws cause accidents.

The type of blade that you will buy depends on the type of cuts and the materials that you need to cut. We have looked at the different types of blades on the market, and you should pick one that serves your specific needs. I will go ahead and share critical information to help you get the best table saw blade.

What’s The Best Table Saw Blade On The Market?

It is true that there are so many different types of blades and also they are various models. This is a good thing as it allows you to make a choice. However, the downside of this is that it can be quite confusing. To help you in this end, I have picked some of the best models and I am sure this will make it easier for you to pick the best table saw blade.

01. Freud 10″ x 40T Next Generation Premier Fusion General Purpose Blade for Crosscuts (3/8″ to 3-1/2″) & Rips (3/4″ to 1-1/2″) wood, laminate, veneered plywood, hardwoods & melamine. (P410)

This is an amazing general purpose blade, which means that you can use it for both rip and crosscuts. It comes with special carbide brazing, which is combined with carbide blend. You can be sure that the 10-inch blade will also give you a clean cut. It has 40 teeth, which are meant to handle any cutting task with ease. This is a perfect example of a combination blade and is effective in making cuts.

The blade tensioning is quite remarkable and makes it rigid. This means that it will not warp or bend when you are making cuts and this ensures all cuts are accurate. There Hi-ATB teeth, which have side-grind geometry and this is what assures you of exceptional performance. Additionally, the blade comes with an anti-vibration feature, which makes it the best table saw blade.

As for durability, this is a blade that is laser cut from high-quality steel. The Perma-Shield coating is an additional advantage as it is non-stick. This reduces friction and ultimately, there will not heat buildup when using the blade for extended hours.

Freud 10 Inch General Purpose Blade Features

  • The blade has anti-vibration slots on the body, which reduce any movement during use.
  • This is a combination blade that allows you to make both crosscuts and rip cuts.
  • It is made from heavy gauge steel, which is laser cut, giving you stability and longevity.
  • The sharp teeth will ensure that you have a smooth finish as they have exceptional edge retention.
  • You do not have to worry about heat buildup, thanks to the Perma-Shield coating, which is non-stick, reducing any friction.

02. Forrest WW10407100 Woodworker II 10-Inch 40-tooth ATB .100 Kerf Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor

The Forrest WW10407100 is another incredible blade that you may want to consider. One of the features that make this blade worth considering is the thin kerf that it has. This is also a combination blade, which means that you can use it for ripping as well as crosscuts. It is a 10-inch blade and has 40 teeth allowing it to cut work pieces that are up to 2 inches thick.

For any table saw with less thatn3 HP, this would be the perfect blade. The interesting bit about the teeth is that there is a face hook at every 20 degrees and an alternative tooth bevel at 15 degrees. This makes it easier to feed the stock to the blade and achieve smooth and clean cuts. The 5/8 inch arbor is also another feature that ensures you are achieving superior cuts.

This is one of the blades that are quiet even when cutting tough applications. The tensioning of the blade is excellent as it is done by hand. There are also carbide teeth that are hand-brazed. The ATB tooth style contributes to exceptional blade performance. If you want an all-round blade, this should be your choice.

Forrest WW10407100 Saw Blade Features

  • The blades are tensioned by hand and hand-brazed, which is an assurance of quality.
  • This combination blade has 40 teeth and can be used for both crosscuts and ripping tasks.
  • It comes with a very thin kerf and this prevents wood loss when making your cuts it will save up to 1/5 inches of materials.
  • You will get ultimate pull control, with this blade and this reduces any jumps and tears outs.
  • With this blade, it is easier to feed the stock to the table saw and this moderates the cuts made.

03. Oshlun SDS-0630 6-Inch 30 Tooth Stack Dado Set with 5/8-Inch Arbor

If you are into specialized cuts, like dado cuts, then this would be the best table saw blade for ripping hardwood to go for. This is a 6 inch dado stack that has a total of 16 pieces. It comes with a 5/8 inch arbor and 30 teeth. This means that you will be able to produce clean and smooth cuts, with utmost precision. This is a blade that allows you to make cuts from ¼ inches to 29/32 inches.

The comprehensive set comes with all the relevant instructions that you would need to make use of it. The blade will be sharp most of the time and you can easily make cuts on different types of materials, including hardwood, plywood, softwood and many more. The blades have tips, which are precision ground, with C-4 micro grain tungsten carbide.

There are full body chippers, which are included on this set and as such, you will hardly experience any vibration. Without the vibration, it means that the accuracy of the cuts will not be compromised. The shim set is included to facilitate fine adjustments so as to make the desired cuts, with dado blades. The blades will not tear out the workpiece making it a convenient choice.

Oshlun SDS-0630 Dado Set Features

  • The blade tips have C-4 carbide, which ensures that they are always sharp.
  • There is a shim set, which is critical in that it will help you make fine adjustments for desired cuts.
  • There are 16 pieces of blades that are included in this dado stack, which gives you value for your money.
  • This is a 6 inch blade and has 30 dado teeth, a 5/8 inch arbor and 5 chipper teeth allowing you to cut through different materials.

04. DEWALT DW7670 8-Inch 24-Tooth Stacked Dado Set

DEWALT DW7670 8-Inch Stacked Dado Set is another type of specialized blades for the table saw. This is loaded with a 24 tooth set and has laser cut plates, which are meant to ensure optimal accuracy in the cuts. The blades come with micro-grain carbide teeth, which give you the best cuts. This is the right dado set for experts, who desire quality cuts. This is a high-quality set and will be a great addition to your blades.

You will love the fact that the blade has been designed in such a manner that it will reduce any form of splintering. There are 4 teeth chipper, which are included and they will be useful in ensuring that you are getting flat bottom cuts. The shims, on this set, are made of stainless steel and this makes micro adjustments possible, along with the width.

There is a heavy duty storage case that has been included as part of the DEWALT DW7670 8-Inch Stacked Dado Set and this means that you will keep your blades safe. This prevents any form of damages on the chipped teeth. With 8 inches of diameter and a hook angle of 12 degrees, this is a great stack to have. The tooth grind is ATB+R and has a maximum speed of 7000RPM.

DEWALT DW7670 8 Inch Dado Set Features

  • This set has amazing features and teeth that ensure that you do not get splintering or tear outs.
  • The shims allow you to make micro-fine adjustments and these are made of stainless steel.
  • The stack has a set of 4 tooth chipper, which will be useful to avail flat bottom cuts, which are smooth.
  • You will get a heavy duty storage case, which will keep your blades safe and well protected.
  • The laser cuts plates are made of high quality and heavy gauge material and this gives you the assurance of clean cuts.

How to Align or Adjust Table Saw Blade?

Having the best table saw blade for woodworking is great and this allows you to accomplish a whole lot. All you need is to learn how to adjust the blade. You need to be sure that your stops are set correctly. To align your table saw, you need to do the following:

  • Have the 1/1000 inch feeler gauge and a precision triangle. Hold the triangle in an angle that is vertical and perpendicular to your blade.
  • The feeler gauge eliminates any gaps. You need to ensure that the 90-degree angle is running into the blade.
  • Use the 45-degree corners to confirm the accuracy of bevel stops. If you need to adjust the level, refer to the manual.

Here are the steps to adjust the blade:

  • Turn off the table saw and disconnect it from the power outlet, so as to prevent any accidental start.
  • How to Align or Adjust Table Saw BladeBring the blade to the highest cutting position of the table saw.
  • Remove the blade guard assembly
  • Make the bevel stop loose and set the blade to 90 degrees, after which you should tighten the bevel lock.
  • Mark the right side of the blade tooth, using a pen.
  • Rotate the marked tooth to 0/5 inches above the table
  • Set up the combination square in that it will touch the marked tooth
  • Check the blade’s alignment
  • Adjust the blade if it does not align. To do this, you need to use the adjustment screw.
  • Return the blade guard to complete the process of adjustment.

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Table Saw Blade Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What causes my blade to have a heavy cut?  

A: When you experience a heavy cut, there are a number of factors that could cause this. In most cases, this may be due to a blunt blade or a very low cutting speed. You should also check the hook angle to ensure it is correct.

Q: My cuts are wider than the blade kerf, what is the cause?  

Best Table Saw Blade

A:  This is mainly caused by a misaligned blade. Ensure that your blade is always aligned to the fence and workpiece.

Q: What causes the neck of my blade’s teeth to break?

A: When you set the blade very high on the table saw, this may cause the neck to break. The blade height should be set in that the gullets are on top of the work piece.

Q: Why does my blade vibrate when it gets to maximum speeds?

A: This may be as a result of poor mounting of the blade to the table saw. You should also confirm that the arbor and the collars are clean and free from dirt. Slippage of your drive belt may also cause this.

Q: What is the resin coating on my blade?

A: The resin coating on your blade may be as a result of heat buildup. This is caused by very high speeds, which causes too much heat between the blade and work piece.  Using the wrong blade may also cause this.

Final Recommendation

There you have it! With this guide, you will be able to pick the right blade to make your desired cuts. There are different types of blades as you have realized and you go for the one that serves your needs effectively. When you have the right blade, you will enjoy the experience that you will get with your table saw. I have reviewed some of the best models on the market and I highly recommend the Freud 10″ x 40T Next Generation Premier Fusion General Purpose Blade as the best table saw blade for plywood. If you have found this guide to be useful, please let us know and also share it around your circles.

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