The Best Lightweight Chainsaw Reviews

Updated On — 14th Jan, 2021

When a big chainsaw doesn’t make it, you always look for a lighter way to get things done. That’s where the best lightweight chainsaw enters into play.

Trimming trees at home or doing woodwork is not an easy job when you have a weighty chainsaw; that’s a bother to handle.

Luckily, a lightweight alternative can get the job done without the hassle. That’s what we want to show you in this article.

So, do you want to learn more about lightweight chainsaws and possibly find the ideal one for your needs? Then read up!

Benefits of Using Lightweight Chainsaw

There are many reasons to use a lightweight unit over any other model. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Easier To Use

There’s no mistake about it. A lightweight chainsaw makes it easy to handle and work in different ways and places. You won’t have to make the extra effort in controlling the chainsaw when cutting in high or tight areas.

And of course, it eventually gets you off from the need of having to pull the starting cord, and the annoyance of having to pour oil consistently on the tank.

  • Safer to Use

Being easier to use also makes a chainsaw safer. From pulling the electric cord that could cause a kickback, to the fact that you won’t have to use as much strength to control the machine. A lightweight chainsaw is far more secure than any other model.

Out Top Picks for the Best Lightweight Chainsaw 

After reading about the benefits of a lightweight saw, it is time to learn about the different models you’ll find. Next, you have five of the best light chainsaws out there:

01. WORX WG303.1

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A small model for those who want excellent dexterity, the Worx WG303.1 doesn’t let anyone down in any way.

The first thing you’ll find doubt that works wonders is the fantastic motor. It comes with a 14.5 AMPs motor that goes the extra step to provide decent performance to any wood-cutting activity. As a homeowner who wants the highest cutting capacity, this is more than enough.

It boasts a 16-inches bar as well. This bar helps to cut even more wood, adding even more size which delivers the ideal cutting experience.

Another excellent feature is the low-kickback design. It is common for lightweight models to be easy to handle, but when you add this low-kickback quirk, then it gets even easier.

As a corded machine, you will have excellent consistency as well. You won’t have to worry about the machine losing power at any moment.

As for maintenance, it comes with an auto-tensioning system that reduces over-tightening, which can be dangerous and keeps the ideal tension at all times for less upkeep. Something similar happens with the auto lubrication system, which boasts a 200ml reservoir, it helps to keep the chain lubed for months.

You also get a chain stopper just where the blade starts. This helps to keep you safe if the chain ever loosens up, breaks or kicks back strongly.

And to make it even safer, you’ll enjoy a low-vibration handle that covers the whole left side so you can control the machine even more effectively. Add the 11 pounds of weight, and there’s no doubt it is one of the best lightweight saws out there.


  • Decent 14.5 AMP of power for the size
  • Easy to maintain with auto lubrication & tensioning
  • Very safe and reliable build with stopper & handle
  • Fairly light at only 11 pounds of weight


  • Overly effective chain brake stops the saw consistently
  • Doesn’t cut too well with the tip of the blade


Now it’s your time to learn all about the best small chainsaw you’ll find out there.

Yes, this model is one of the smallest in the market, boasting a bar of only 10 inches in length. This is so tiny that you won’t have any problem controlling or storing the machine. Even if you have to bring it along to difficult places, it won’t be a problem to have.

But its smallness & lightness doesn’t stun its performance. You will still get a 20-volt MAX lithium battery that gives enough power to the machine to last several hours working. Yes, it can reach over 2 hours of constant operation without drawbacks.

It is also a convenient model to have for maintenance reasons. For example, it comes with a tool-free system that makes it easy to tense the chain. Apart from that, you get an automatic oiling system with a clear window so you can always know how much oil is left in the machine.

As for safety, you get a wrap-around handle that will increase control when using while feeling comfy enough. And that goes well with the extra light design at only 7.2 pounds that won’t be any problem to use in any cutting job.

Overall, this model makes it a complete pleasure to work with. Firemen and people who need a portable chainsaw for their jobs will find a perfect model in the LCS1020 from Black+Decker. If that works for you, then don’t overlook it as it will make your wood-cutting a lot better.


  • Perfect battery capacity at 20 volts
  • Incredibly light and easy to use at 7.2 pounds
  • Small design for extra handling dexterity
  • Convenient maintenance & tweaking


  • The minimal design may not work for large jobs
  • It doesn’t offer enough power for most operations

03. Oregon CS1500

Those who know at least the smallest things about chainsaws, also know that Oregon is undoubtedly among the best brands out there. And the CS1500 model is a precise reason why.

This is an 18-inches chainsaw that offers enough cutting capacity so you can use it for most small and medium-sized operations without problems. Even when it comes to bringing small trees down, this model won’t disappoint you.

The motor delivers 15 AMPs of power with its electric power source. You can get rid of most branches and small logs like butter.

But it is not the power capacity that stands out the most, but the self-sharpening feature that makes it always useful. This PowerSharp function makes sure you will never have to sharpen dull blades on the machine, which adds lots of convenience.

On top of that, the chainsaw comes with an automatic oiler with a window. You can easily see through to know how much oil is left in the machine. Along with that system, you get an immediate start process, making it easy to turn on the saw when needed.

Despite its medium-sized design, it also produces almost no noise. And that goes pretty well with the comfortable-to-use ergonomics that you can handle without problems even in the most laborious operations.

As a lightweight machine, it only weighs 12.9 pounds. For its size, this is pretty decent, which adds extra dexterity when using. This also makes it safer, especially with the chain brake and the stopper in front.

Overall, this is a model you don’t want to overlook.


  • Long 18-inches bar for extra cutting capacity
  • Potent power output at 15 AMPs
  • Highly convenient PowerSharp feature
  • Practical self-oiling, low-noise, and instant start features


  • Chain loosens/falls consistently
  • Uses a lot of oil in the long run


Black+Decker never disappoints. And with the LCS1240, it goes far from what other brands are willing to deliver a superb lightweight chainsaw in every way.

This one is a 12-inches saw. It delivers enough cutting capacity so you can get it working effectively for most operations with branches and small logs.

The bar is powered up by a 40-volt MAX lithium-ion battery, ideal for a versatile experience without cord or gas. This, of course, makes it way easier to handle but also long-lasting when using. You can get up to two hours of constant operation without setbacks.

For keeping it working, you won’t have to do much, though. As a cordless electric machine, you get rid of the need for gas. But apart from that, it also boasts a self-oiling mechanism that you just need to fill every now and then, so the chainsaw lubricates itself.

The tensioning process is also a piece of cake. It is totally tool-free and offers easy access so you won’t have to make much of an effort to adjust the chain when needed.

You also get a comfortable design with a wrap-around handle. Grab it wherever you want, and you’ll get decent control for most operations. Along with the low-kickback bar design, you can be sure this machine will be effortless to handle in every job.

Finally, you can be sure it is effortless to control thanks to how light it is. At only 10.2 pounds of weight, this machine takes lightness to another level – despite its size & overall battery capacity. For anyone who expects superb practicality from a chainsaw, the LCS1240 is the way to go.


  • Small and easy-to-handle 12-inches bar
  • Comfortable & secure wrap-around handle
  • Long-lasting 40V battery
  • Extremely light design


  • Uses a lot of chain oil
  • May leak oil while stored

05. Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim

Cheap models are always exceptional models to go for. And the Remington RM1425 is precisely that kind of machine.

Boasting a 14-inches bar and only 6 pounds of weight, you can be sure this is one of the smallest and lightest options in the whole list.

This compact design makes controlling totally effortless. You will easily handle this machine as if it were a handsaw but with much more potency. That’s how easy it is.

If you’re a homeowner who’s always trimming small trees or cutting branches, this is an almost perfect product to have.

But it is not only the size that stands out but the 8 AMPs motor it comes with. You can quickly achieve decent performance without having to exert extra efforts. Just place the powered bar on the branch to cut, and it will get through in a second.

The overall maintenance system is also hugely convenient despite its already low cost. For the oiling, you get a push-button feature, allowing precise oil-pouring on your machine and preventing the mess.

On top of that, it comes with a quick tensioning function in the exterior. Without having to use much strength or any tool, you can easily adjust your chain for the best results.

Lastly, it boasts a wrap-around handle. This helps to control the chainsaw more efficiently but also increases overall comfort.  And with the grip, you get a hand-guard that’s perfect for keeping debris from damaging your hand.

The lightest, most reliable, decently convenient and reasonably priced – if the Limb-N-Trim from Remington is not an incredible chainsaw in its entirety, then nothing is.


  • Amazingly light for extra control & ease of use
  • Excellent 8 AMPs of power for the size
  • Convenient tensioning & oiling features
  • Comfy & easy to handle


  • Can be a little hard to clean after using
  • May leak oil in the long run

Before You Buy, What To Look For

So you want a small chain saw for your home or garage, but don’t know which one to pick. Well, the following buying guide will help you for sure. The next factors will give you a better idea of what to look for:

  • Bar Length

The first thing to consider in lightweight chainsaw models is the length of the bar or blade. This part makes it really easy to know how heavy or light the product will be.

The largest models out there can reach sizes of up to 36 inches. But that’s only for professional-level machines used in tree-sawing operations. As for lightweight designs, you are very likely to find them topping out at 18 inches.

But for the lightest models, you will have to go down as far as 10 inches or less. These won’t have as much cutting capacity, of course. But the overall handling and ease of use will be fantastic in the shortest versions.

  •  Power Source

The second thing to consider in lightweight models is the way it is powered. Here, you’ll find three main models: gas-powered, electric cordless or battery-powered, and corded models.

  • Corded

The most common of all is the corded model. They tend to be way lighter than battery-powered or gas models because they have no extra weight in the design. With the lack of a gas tank and a massive motor, or a battery and an electric system, a corded model can weigh as little as 10 pounds or even less.

A corded model power is often measured in AMPs. We recommend no less than 12 AMPs for a decent performance. But it also depends on the length of the bar. For 10-inches bars, you can go as low as 8 AMPs of power and still get excellent results.

  • Cordless or Battery Powered

The second close light chainsaw type is the battery-powered. It can weigh between 10 and 14 pounds in the smallest models. They are reasonably potent and offer decent convenience because you won’t have to connect the machine to anything more than just its battery. And of course, you won’t have to buy any gas.

The power in these chainsaws is measured in volts. We recommend no less than 30 volts for a good-enough performance. Anything less than that won’t be too powerful unless it has a 10 or 12 inches bar which could end up being decent.

  • Gas-Powered

Lastly, you’ll find the gasoline model. This is often a little heavier than the previous too due to the big gas-powered motor and the gas tank. But you can still find fairly light models of about 12 to 15 pounds of weight.

As for power, these are the strongest and the largest too. You can get from 15 to 36 inches of bar length and mighty machines. They are measured in engine displacement (cc) or in HP. Overall, we recommend no less than 30cc of displacement and about 3 HP for a decent performance.

  •  Maintenance

After making sure that the chainsaw you’re going for is powerful enough for your needs, it is time to make sure it is also easy to maintain.

There are a few factors here to consider. The first one is the oiling system. Some models have self-oiling features that get you out from the need to be continually oiling the chain and blade of the saw. While others are not automatic, so you will have to pour the oil yourself before every use.

Another upkeep-related feature to consider is the tensioning system. This ensures that the chain always stays tightened to the blade after and before using. Some models come with self-tensioning systems, others are tool-free, which makes the tensioning process straightforward, while the rest is a little complicated.

And finally, go for a machine with an effortless the cleaning process. Cutting wood exerts a lot of sawdust and debris which can end up over and inside the chainsaw. To prevent that, you should pick a product that’s completely sealed and easy to clean.

  •  Safety

The last thing to consider is how safe the chainsaw is. Here, you will also find several features to consider, like a low-kickback bar, a chain brake, and a chain stopper.

A bar with low kickback prevents the saw from bouncing from the wood when you’re cutting. This feature may decrease performance a little but makes it safer to use. It also minimizes loosening of the chain.

As for chain brake, it is a feature that activates when the chain loosens up from the blade. This prevents the chain from flying off and stops or reduces the power of the machine. Of course, this adds further safety.

And finally, you’ll find the chain stopper or catcher. This is a small part that goes just over the start of the blade that has the purpose of stopping the chain if it ever gets loose. Careful chainsaw owners will not pick a model without this feature. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now, it is the time to go over some common doubts most people have about these products. Even if you go for the best small gas chainsaw out there, you may still not be sure – so the following info may help:

Q: Does my lightweight chainsaw need re-sharpening?

A: All chainsaws will sooner or later need some sharpening to keep the blade working neatly. Some models with self-sharpening features may not need as much of that.

Q: How many years can I expect my lightweight machine to last?

A: Often, they can last several years up to a decade. However, it all comes down to the type of use and proper maintenance. Wrongly used chainsaws that hit sand, rocks, stones, or metals may break in an instant.

Q: What kind of oil does a chainsaw use for the blade?

A: A chainsaw uses 2-stroke oil. It keeps the chain lubricated, which prevents worn off and stuck chains.

Q: Should I use protective gear when using a lightweight chainsaw?

A: Yes, it doesn’t matter how small the machine is, safety gear is essential. We recommend getting a chainsaw helmet, some gloves, and heavy-duty boots to prevent potential accidents.

Q: How often should I clean my chainsaw?

A: A chainsaw should always be cleaned after every cutting operation. This prevents the sawdust from sticking to the chain, trigger, or any other feature. In the long run, this helps to keep the machine working correctly.

Final Words 

After reading this guide and our reviews, it is now time you get to pick the best lightweight chainsaw for your needs. Remember that it’s all about getting a machine that matches all your demands and nothing else. As long as it fills all your requirements, then you’ll probably have the perfect product.

Don’t forget to consider each one of our recommendations and advice. Then, you’ll have an excellent chainsaw for sure.

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