Best Corded Chainsaw In 2021

Updated On — 14th Jan, 2021

For those who struggle while trimming trees or sawing logs at home, the best corded chainsaw will feel like a perfect addition to their equipment.

And not only that – one of these chainsaws is also useful for woodworkers who are trimming planks and other pieces of woods.

The efficiency and huge power output it offers are unique. And that makes it an ideal tool to cut wood with.

So, want to learn all about corded chainsaws?

Then don’t hesitate and keep reading this article to find everything about them!

Benefits of Using Corded Chainsaw

Many people will tell you that a corded chainsaw is not as practical as other types. But in fact, it is the most powerful and consistent of all.

Apart from having a superior power output, it also offers a few additional benefits such as:

  • More Affordable

An electric corded chainsaw is way cheaper than any other model. When compared to gas or portable chainsaws, this is one wins the price-tag race.

  • Less Maintenance

It demands little to no maintenance. Just keep the blade clean, and the mechanism locked when not using, and that will be enough.

  • Lighter Weight

A portable electric saw comes with heavy batteries that feel cumbersome. And gas chainsaws are by default very sturdy, even more so when you add the gasoline inside. With a corded chainsaw, you only have the blade and the motor for a lighter approach.

Top 5 Best Corded Chainsaw Reviews

We know it can be a little tricky to go online looking for a chainsaw without even knowing what you’re looking for. Luckily, we can help you with that.

We reviewed 5 of the best corded chainsaws out there so you could learn more about each. Here’s what you should know:

01. Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim


When it comes to quality products, few brands offer what Remington does. That’s why the RM1425 Limb N Trim is the best corded electric chainsaw you can get for the value.

As soon as you look at the price tag, you’ll find out this is one of the cheapest models out there. But that doesn’t interfere with the gigantic quality it offers.

Trimming with this chainsaw is getting 8 AMPs of electric power from its motors. It goes through small and medium-size branches, saplings, and logs. You won’t have to get timid while cutting with this model.

Despite its decent power, it weighs only 6 pounds and has a 12-inches blade. With its small size and light design, you can expect to wield this machine effortlessly for hours. If big and cumbersome chainsaws are not your favorite machines, then this one will come like a gem.

And it is still a piece of cake to maintain. Following a push-button oiler, you can avoid frequent messes when oiling the chainsaw. This will help to lubricate the 14-inches low-kickback bar that makes this saw so responsive and easy to use.

This gets better with the quick tensioner. You won’t have to spend several minutes adjusting the tension of the chain – just use the external adjuster, and that’s it.

Finally, you get a handguard that keeps your fingers and hands-free of any debris. You won’t have to worry about small marks on your hands, the handguard will protect them entirely.


  • Excellent power output for the size
  • Easy and safe to use with low-kickback design
  • The very light design makes it easy to handle
  • Keeps your hands free of debris


  • Small design is not the best for everyone
  • A little difficult to clean after using

02. WORX WG304.1

Everyone loves a practical chainsaw, and that’s precisely what you get with the WG304.1 from Worx.

It is easily among the most practical thanks to a well-made design that boosts your overall ease of use to another level. The first thing you’ll find is the patented auto-tension chain system, perfect for keeping the tension at the right level automatically. It also prevents over-tightening, which makes the chain last.

On top of that, you get an automatic lubrication system. Using a built-in reservoir behind the blade, it helps you pour 200 ml of oil once every few months, and you won’t have to do the lubrication yourself.

It is essential to understand that this is an 18-inches bar chainsaw. Large enough to cut logs and small tree without problems, it also delivers 15 AMPs of power so you can rest assured it won’t leave anything to be desired.

The design is small and lightweight despite its large bar. You will only have to lift 11 pounds, and that will be enough to get you working on any project.

The handling is also easy. Boasting rubber grips, you can be sure it won’t get out of your hand even during the hardest operations. This will also help to handle much more effectively, so cutting branches that are in awkward positions becomes easy.

Don’t forget it also comes fully assembled, so you won’t have to do much more than just connecting the cable to an outlet, and that’s it. You will have a totally functional, practical, and highly reliable chainsaw for your wood-cutting activities.


  • Powerful & effective 15 AMP motor
  • The long bar offers extra cutting capacity and reach
  • Safe design with rubber grips & chain brake
  • Hugely convenient automatic oiling system


  • The bar can feel flimsy
  • Chain brakes activate consistently

03. Poulan PL1416


Poulan is among the most reliable brands in the market, and it delivers no less than superb quality.

The PL1416 is a chainsaw model that offers everything Poulan is known for: superb performance, ease of use, excellent safety, and high practicality.

The first thing you’ll notice on this model is the ergonomic design. It will help you manage the chainsaw reasonably easily. With great balance and control, you won’t have to tire your arms or put yourself in danger to cut tricky logs or branches.

This happens because the saw is only 16-inches long. The bar and chain design offer a long-enough design so you can cut most logs and branches without making much of an effort. And it gets better when you add the decent 14 AMPs motor, which delivers the ideal power for satisfactory cutting results.

But it still manages to offer much more. You also get a chain brake that increases the safety of using this model, mainly because it notifies you with an alert when the brake is on. Also, it comes with a straightforward chain tensioning so you won’t have to spend much time tweaking it.

The best of all is the automatic oiler. Its built-in reservoir helps you keep the chain lubricated for several uses, increasing the durability of the chain and promoting a more efficient motor performance. This also helps to decrease kickback and wear on the chain. You will literally get automatic maintenance from it.

In short, this is a medium-sized model for trimming and cutting small trees that offers excellent performance at all times – and for several years.


  • Decent length & size for easy handling
  • Potent motor for effective trimming
  • Safe & reliable design and features
  • Practical automatic oiler


  • The chain tensioner is a little tricky to use
  • Heavier than expected


Potent and long-lasting, that’s what describes the CS1518 from Black+Decker – an excellent choice for anyone who expects the best from one of the best brands.

Trimming wood is a piece of cake with a powerful chainsaw, and this one does precisely that with an 18-inches bar along with a 15 AMPs motor. You will get through wood like butter, especially small branches and logs that need no extra effort.

The bar also comes with a low-kickback design that’s common in electric chainsaws. It delivers a very easy-to-control performance that you can handle without problems. Whether it is reaching tall branches or working on difficult trees, this chainsaw is the way to go.

The chain brake also adds some safety to the product, which makes sure you can enjoy trimming trees down without having to worry about anything.

But that’s not everything it offers. You also get a tool-free tension system that needs little to no effort for adjusting the chain. Without the use of any tool and without having to waste much of your time, this rapid tensioning systems will make your operation more enjoyable.

Another maintenance-related feature of this chainsaw is the automatic oiling system. By just pouring some oil in a little reservoir, you can let the chain lubricate without even touching it. And to make it even easier, this reservoir comes with a clear window so you can always see how much oil there’s inside.


  • Really long & handy bar
  • Convenient design with easy upkeep
  • Strong motor for decent performance
  • Pretty reliable brake system


  • The power cord can be a little problematic
  • The chain tends to loosen up really fast



TECCPO is one of the most overlooked brands in the market, but it is, in fact, one of the best.

Despite its low popularity, this brand delivers exceptional results. The TACS01G is one of its best models, boasting a 15-AMPs motor that makes sure you can go through branches, logs, and even small trees without problems.

The design is also small enough for secure handling, and large enough for extra reach. It weighs only 10.5 pounds, which is enough so you can achieve great versatility. And of course, it comes with a 16-inches bar length so you can reach difficult places without problems.

But there’s a lot more to know about it. For example, it comes with a tool-free tension system for the chain, so you won’t have to waste any time on it. And with its low-kickback design, you can rest assured it will prevent a lot of accidents while using.

On top of that, you get an automatic oiler system. Pour the oil in the reservoir and let the machine lubricate itself. It even comes with a window so you can always know how much there is for the process.

And surely, this machine is also secure enough with its dual-security system. With the safety button, you can keep the trigger from activating itself, and with the brake, you won’t have to worry about the chain harming you.

Lastly, you get an easy-to-clean system. Getting rid of debris and wood chips will be a piece of cake with its design. In short, you get everything you need on a chainsaw and more.


  • Decent performance with 15 AMPs
  • The long-chain bar for excellent reach
  • Light and easy to handle design
  • Convenient and safe set of features


  • The chain tends to loosen up fast
  • May leak oil when using

Before You Buy, What To Look For 

Everyone wants the best corded electric chainsaw, but few know what to look for. That’s why it is vital to learn every critical factor about them.

Here are a few things you should know about corded chainsaws:

  •  Size and Weight

The size of the product and the weight will make a significant difference in how easy it is to use.

Most chain bars are between 20 and 12 inches long. But from one extreme to the other, the experience is way different.

For example, bars or blades that are over 15 inches will be a little heavier and more challenging to use. They will have more reach and provide excellent cutting capacity but can be tough to handle. Usually, big chainsaws weigh from 12 to 15 pounds.

But you may also find small chain bars of around 12 inches that won’t be heavier than 10 pounds or even less. These are ideal for those who want something easy to handle and less tiring. Of course, you will lose a little cutting capacity and reach, but the machine will be way easier to use.

  •  Motor Power

Most corded electric chainsaws offer decent power output that you can get a lot from. They are often measured in volts (V), watts (W), or AMPs. However, the most common measurement unit for electric chainsaw power is AMPs.

It is essential to know that power is directly proportionate to the length of the chain bar and the size of the machine.

For example, chainsaws that are 18-inches long and weigh about 13 pounds will probably have at least 15 AMPs of output power. But for smaller models of about 14-inches long and only 10 pounds of weight, you won’t find them with more than 12 AMPs.

The more power the machine has, the more effective it will be for cutting. But also, the larger the chainsaw will be.

  •  Tensioning System

Then you’ll find the tensioning system. This is where you can adjust the chain to the bar, so you get decent performance from the machine.

There are several kinds here. Some of them use a screw that you need to adjust according to your needs by screwing. But others are “tool-less,” which means you won’t have to look for a screwdriver or scrench to adjust.

We recommend the latter for the ease of use. In just a few seconds, you can adjust the chain of your chainsaw by using your hand. It will save you the effort and the time.

  •  Chain Brakes & Stoppers/Catchers

As chainsaws can be a little dangerous when using, it is also essential to have a chain brake that stops the machine when needed. And along with the brake, you’ll want a stopper or catcher that prevents the chain from going towards your body if it gets loosen or if there’s a big kickback.

When the brake activates if the chain loosens up, the machine will stop rotating. And the catcher/stopper will make sure that the chain doesn’t hit you directly. So consider them for a safer experience, as accidents can always happen with these machines.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Getting the right chainsaw is also about knowing specific things about them. The following common questions may give you a better idea of some of them:

Q: Is it necessary to pour oil on my chainsaw?

A: Yes, the oil lubricates the chain. We recommend 2-stroke oil. You won’t have to pour the oil directly to the chain if the model comes with a self-oiling system.

Q: Can I use a corded chainsaw with an extension?

A: It is not recommended because extensions may bring the consistency of the power down. But if it is necessary, there shouldn’t be much of a problem as long as you use a heavy-duty extension of high capacity.

Q: Is it safe to use a corded chainsaw in the rain?

A: No. Corded chainsaws are electric machines that can get easily shorted with excessive moisture or drops of water. Even with a sealed chainsaw, it is always better to prevent any possible damage to the machine or yourself.

Q: Do corded chainsaws need sharpening on the blade?

A: Yes, it is very common that the blades eventually dull out over time. However, the blades also wear out to the point of not coming back. When this happens, you’ll have to replace the chain.

Q: Are corded chainsaws safe for left-handed people?

A: Anyone can use a chainsaw without problems. However, all of them are mostly for right-handed people, so as a lefty you may need to do some extra learning.

Final Words

So, are you ready to pick the best corded chainsaw for your wood-cutting activities? Don’t hesitate and get the one that best matches your demands.

Remember that it’s more about getting something that works for you than really getting the definite best option in the list. As long as it does everything you need, you will have a perfect product.

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