The Best Chainsaw Under 300

Updated On — 14th Jan, 2021

Chainsaws can be really expensive. Especially if you’re going for a big machine that gets large jobs done, you may need to spend more money than expected. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.

With the best chainsaw under 300, you’ll have the chance to get a highly effective alternative that won’t affect your bank account.

If you are on a low budget and looking for a reliable chainsaw that still offers decent performance – then this is the place you want to be.

You’ll learn everything about these chainsaws as well as the best options out there so you can find the ideal one.

So, care to learn all about these chainsaws and more?

Keep reading to find out!

6 Best Chainsaw Under 300 Reviews in 2021

Some of the best models you can get tend to be really expensive. But you can also get a decently affordable model without having to spend a fortune. That’s what the following 5 chainsaws offer.

01. WORX WG304.1

The WG304.1 from Worx is the best chainsaw under 250 thanks to its unbeatable price tag but also because it is highly effective in every way.

When we say effective, we mean it has a potent motor and exceptional size so you can achieve any of your outcomes without making much of an effort.

Boasting a 15 AMPs & 4.0 HP motor, you can be sure it will cut most logs, branches, and even trunks with ease. And with the 18-inches bar, you can get through most thicknesses, making it an ideal choice for both small and medium-sized jobs.

While it is a corded machine, it is still pretty reliable and easy to use. You won’t have to worry about it ever failing, offering tons of consistency and even better results than a gas-powered machine.

But its reliability doesn’t end there. You also get a chain brake that makes it safe when using. If the chain ever gets loose, this machine will help you prevent any issue.

On top of that, you get an auto lubricating feature. It will oil the chain automatically as long as you fill the 6.75-ounces reservoir every now and then. And with the auto-tensioning function, you will get rid of most maintenance needs, so you’ll have time and effort over time.

It is also comfortable to use with a rubber-wrapped rear handle and the full-wrap front one. The machine adds extra controlling ease with its low-kickback design, also making it even safer to use.

Overall, this model won’t let you down in any way. From performance to handiness, this chainsaw goes the extra step without breaking your wallet.


  • Meager price tag despite its quality
  • Ideal electric performance at 15 AMPs
  • Decent length with comfy & secure grip
  • A highly convenient set of automatic functions


  • Needs a close outlet to work
  • Chain brake may activate consistently

02. Blue Max 6595

A gas-powered chainsaw is never a bad choice. And the Blue Max 6595 makes sure you will never go back to any electric alternative.

With its 45cc single-cylinder engine capacity, this machine will help you cut most longs and branches with little to no effort. If you are someone who appreciates the swift cutting performance, then this chainsaw is one you will really appreciate, especially with the 2800 RPM chain load speed.

The starting mechanism of the machine is no joke either. You get a CDI ignition system that turns on the chainsaw in seconds. In comparison with less sophisticated pull-cord models, this one makes the starting process effortless.

Apart from that, you also get a convenient design with an anti-vibration handle. Along with its 18-inches bar length, you won’t have to worry about control. It makes it easy to cut different parts of any tree or trunk without making much of an effort.

As for safety, this machine doesn’t let you down either.

It comes with a rapid-reaction chain brake that stops the blade instantly when needed. This adds extra security when using and prevents accidents. The safety trigger also helps with that. And with a handguard, you will never have to worry about your hands.

Lastly, it is a machine that makes maintenance a piece of cake. The auto oiler along with the tensioning system, will allow you to save time and effort that other models will not. And only for that, this is a machine you shouldn’t overlook.


  • Excellent engine power at 45cc
  • Convenient design with CDI ignition system
  • Ideal safety features with chain brake & safety trigger
  • Easy to maintain and use


  • Chain brake turns on easily
  • Difficult to start with a warm engine

03. Remington RM4618 Outlaw

Long are the days when cutting a tree down with a small and underpowered chainsaw. Luckily, the Remington RM4618 is none of that.

This machine comes in 42cc and 46cc models of up to 20-inches in bar length and as little as 14-inches. So, whatever you pick, you’ll be getting a decently sized and potent model that goes through thick trunks of hardwood effortlessly.

But its power and effectiveness are not what makes this model such a great choice. Instead, it is the overall durability, its exceptional safety, high convenience level, and more.

For example, it comes with a quick-start technology that makes it easy to turn on with a single pull of the cord. In contrast with other models, this one starts in just seconds.

The automatic oiler also makes it handy, especially when it comes to lubricating the machine, so you won’t have to waste any time or effort. You will also enjoy a similar experience with the side-access chain tensioning system, the tool-free access to the filter and spark-plug, and more.

It comes with a 5-point anti-vibration design and a full-wrap handle for extra comfort when using. This will prevent unusual things to happen even during the hardest of operations. And to make it even better, the machine comes with heavy-duty storage so you can keep it safe while not using.

Putting it all together, this chainsaw from Remington has no competitor. If you want quality in every way, this is the model to go for.


  • Comes in 5 different models in size & power
  • Comfy full-warp handle with anti-vibe system
  • Practical features with auto-oiler & easy-access design
  • Additional storage case for extra handiness


  • May leak some oil while stored
  • Doesn’t start easily when warm

04. Craftsman CMXGSAMA421S


Among the many brands that you can completely trust and can be sure that will never let you down, you’ll find Craftsman. And the CMXGSAMA421S is one of its best chainsaw models you’ll find for a low price tag.

The first thing you’ll notice that sets this model apart from the competition is the 42cc-46cc engine. Its 2-cycle full-crank gas-powered design helps you achieve steady power for several hours while delivering outstanding results. Cutting wood will be like chopping carrots with this machine.

You can do practically anything with it, as it comes with 16, 18, and 20 inches bars depending on your desired operation. It doesn’t matter if it is trimming, sawing trees down, pruning small branches, or cutting big trunks – this chainsaw is the way to go.

The bar is also easy to control with an Inertia-Activated chain. It offers low kickback with its design, and with bucking spikes, it cuts smoothly and with less resistance. The 3-point anti-vibration system increases the handling comfort & balance, so you can trust this machine in its entirety.

As for maintenance, you’ll get an automatic oiler that lubricates the chain with no effort from your park. And with the tool-free access to the spark plug and filter, it becomes a piece of cake to maintain.

In short, this model stands out for its excellent power output and length, but also because it is one of the easiest, safest, and most convenient out there. And on top of all that, it is fairly priced.


  • Offers 3 options with various lengths & power outputs
  • Easy-to-use design with Inertia-Activated chain
  • Extra handling capacity with 3-point anti-vibe system
  • Reduces maintenance & control efforts


  • Hefty design at 25 pounds
  • Causes a lot of fumes which can be annoying & unhealthy


DeWalt focuses on reliability and functionality – and the FlexVolt DCCS670B gets all that and more.

As a cordless machine with a battery, this model stands out for its overall versatility. You will get the chance to cut in many different places easily and without having to worry either about weight or energy sources. And with its medium-sized 16-inches bar – you get even more of that versatility.

The power output is also ideal. You’ll get 60V of electric performance with its FlexVolt battery. This battery comes with 6.0 Ah of power capacity, which is enough to power up the machine for up to 2 hours. You will have enough time to bring small trees down in a single charge.

But its performance and size is not everything it offers. In fact, it also stands out for its handiness. With a tool-free chain tensioning system and a bar-tightening knob – you can do all the necessary tweaks in seconds.

Apart from that, it offers an auto-oiling function. This keeps the bar lubricated for several uses so you won’t have to waste any time or effort oiling yourself.

As for safety, this machine boasts a chain brake that prevents any kickback from producing any damage. And surely, the chain stopper prevents any loose chain from becoming dangerous.

It is also very light at only 12 pounds and provides an ergonomic design for easy use. Put everything this chainsaw offers together, and you’re much more than you even need for a very small price tag.


  • Exceptional power output with 60v battery
  • Long-lasting battery at 9.0 Ah capacity
  • Convenient design with auto oiling & tensioning
  • Safe & easy-to-use design in its entirety


  • The battery charger could be better
  • Oil pours into the blade even when not using

06. Husqvarna 240


Husqvarna is one of those brands no one knows how to pronounce, but they’re always looking for. And this happens because, despite its name, it delivers exceptional results in every way.

The 240 is an example of what Husqvarna can deliver. From its outstanding gas-powered engine with X-Torque feature to the superb 16-inches bar length – this model will take your wood-cutting performance to another level.

The engine delivers 38cc with a 2 HP power output. You’ll have the chance to cut all kinds of wood pieces without making much of an effort. But it is the X-Torque feature that stands out from this engine, minimizing emissions and lowering the overall fuel consumption.

This model also boasts an air injection system that gets rid of all wood particles inside the machine. You will get a chainsaw that never clogs and stays clean for longer. The air injection with a filter will also improve engine durability.

To make the chainsaw even better, you get a choke control. This prevents flooding and makes the starting process easy. In just a single pull of the string you can make this chainsaw work without much effort.

It is still pretty easy to use with the Low-vibration handles and design. You won’t have to strain your arms while using, which reduces overall fatigue and improves your control.

Overall, it will just make your wood-cutting jobs easier than any other model. If that’s something you strive for – then this is a great chainsaw to go for.


  • Powerful & reliable engine
  • Handy air-injection & pump system for durability
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean
  • Effortless operation with anti-vibration design


  • The engine doesn’t start when it’s warm
  • Starting system has a learning curve

Features To Consider Before Buying

Now that you’ve seen all the competitors for the best chainsaw under 300 dollars, it is time to learn how to pick the right one. This won’t be as easy as you think – so pay proper attention to the following aspects to think about before you get one:

  •  Bar Length

The length of a chainsaw in this price range tends to be small or medium. You won’t find models that go over 20 inches in length, as those models tend to be the most expensive ones.

That’s why it is more likely that you’ll find chainsaws between the 10 and 18 inches range. Of course, the more length you have – the more wood the machine will cut. But you’ll also have to consider your demands.

For example, for a homeowner who tends just to prune and trim trees every now and then, a small 10 to 14 inches chainsaw will do the work. But for an arborist or someone who wants to cut thick trunks or bring small trees down – then something between 14 and 20 inches will a much better idea.

  •  Weight

The weight changes exponentially depending on the quality, type of chainsaw, and length of the machine. However, we can say that in this price range you will find them either too light or too heavy.

As manufacturers won’t care too much about delivering balanced and well-made designs as in high price ranges, then you won’t get the most ideal weights.

For example, small models below the 300-dollar mark may not be heavier than 12 pounds. But the largest 18 to 20 inches models, you may find them as heavy as 20 pounds or even more.

Of course, we recommend lighter models for their ease of use and safety. But if you need a large and powerful machine, then a 20-pound model may do the job despite its inconvenience.

  •  Power Output

As for power, this price range comes with all kinds of chainsaws. From cordless to corded and even gas-powered machines.

That’s why you’ll have to make sure to pick the one you prefer. For example, cordless chainsaws are ideal for those who want versatility. They are light enough to be easy to handle and do offer the chance to get to difficult places without problems.

As for power, they are measured in volts. We recommend no less than 20V of power for a decent performance.

Then, you’ll find corded models. These are the lightest of all. But due to the cord, they can be a little problematic to handle around. Luckily, they tend to be really powerful, with their engines measured in either AMPs or HP. We recommend nothing less than 10 AMPs and 2 HP for the ideal results.

And finally, gas-powered models can also be cheap. They are the most powerful of them with their engines measured in displacement (cc) and HP. You should go for at least 20cc of displacement and 1.5 HP of power. As for weight, they tend to be heavy and awkward to use.

  •  Ease of Use

The last thing to consider is how easy to use and maintain the chainsaw is.

For using, we recommend models that don´t demand much effort to handle. Full-wrap designs with grip-oriented handles are the way to go here. But you should also consider anti-vibration designs for extra control and comfort when using.

Apart from that, make sure it is not hard to maintain. We recommend auto-oiling and tool-free tensioning systems for more convenience. Anything else that keeps the upkeep easy will be a great addition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Even though a buying guide and some reviews may help you pick the best chainsaw under 300 dollars – there are still several things you may want to know. Here are a few of them:

Q: Will my low-budget chainsaw last the same as a high-end model?

A: As it is common in most products, a lower-priced chainsaw may not last as much as a high-end option. However, they can still match the same kind of durability with the right care and use.

Q: Does a chainsaw under 300 need maintenance?

A: Of course, all chainsaws need to be maintained to work correctly. From the oiling of the chain to the cleaning and even the sharpening of the teeth – each chainsaw needs proper upkeep to perform well.

Q: Can I cut trees with a chainsaw under 300?

A: Yes. Despite usually being smaller and less potent than its higher-priced alternatives, they can also bring trees down with the right use.

Q: Are chainsaws under 300 easier to use?

A: Normally, yes. This happens due to the tinier and lighter design they often have when compared to high-end options. However, the lack of features may blunt the handiness of the model in other ways.

Q: As a lumberjack and/or arborist will a cheap chainsaw work for me?

A: Yes, and now. It all depends. Remember that these models tend to be a little smaller than the higher-priced alternatives, so they are not ideal for most tree-cutting operations. But they can still work for small jobs that any arborist or lumberjack gets into.

Final Words 

By now, you should be familiar with everything the best chainsaw under 300 should offer, so picking one shouldn’t be a problem.

Just remember that it all comes down to getting the chainsaw that best matches your demands. As long as it goes the extra mile to fit your needs – that’s the machine to go for.

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