The Best Chainsaw Helmet Reviews 2021

Updated On — 14th Jan, 2021

Cutting the backyard tree at home? Then you’ll want to be as safe as possible. For that, you’ll have nothing better than the best chainsaw helmet.

Everyone knows that a chainsaw is among the most dangerous tools for cutting. Apart from that, the activity of cutting trees, logs, or big planks is inherently tricky. As something tough to do, it is also something that could quickly get out of your hands.

To prevent any danger if something goes wrong while sawing a tree down, splitting a log into many parts, or just cutting a big piece of wood, you’ll have to use a helmet.

In this article, we’re going over several aspects of using a chainsaw helmet, five of the best options available in the market, and the different factors to think about when buying one.

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Benefits of Wearing Safety Helmet

While it seems that a safety headcover only helps by keeping you from danger, it also offers many other benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Better Performance

It seems counterintuitive, but the right helmet can actually help with productivity while cutting trees.

Thanks to the high level of protection they offer, users feel much more confident and safe when wearing one. This automatically makes them much more productive and helps them concentrate on the task at hand.

It also reduces stress and anxiety, which are the first causes of people not being productive. So, using a helmet is undoubtedly a great choice if you want to keep yourself working at full throttle.

  • Identification

In woodcutting jobs, it is common to have different people doing several kinds of jobs. To identify who’s doing what, they use helmets of different colors.

In large-scale projects, for example, this becomes a necessity. Engineers use a specific color, workers use another, machinery operators use a different one, and surely – chainsaw operators use their respective one too.

  • Clean & Comfortable

Working with chainsaws and wood is a perfect way to get covered in sawdust and wood chips. But working with any of that on the face, body, and head makes anyone uncomfortable.

Especially for those who work under the sun and tend to sweat a lot, getting all covered in wood particles becomes a headache & huge annoyance.

Luckily, a safety helmet can always keep anyone free of any wood particle. Also, helmets are comfy & ventilated enough to keep the person with the chainsaw feeling fresh at all times.

  • Prevents Accidents

Probably the most crucial benefit of using a helmet is the protection against impacts. Whether it is a piece of wood or any object falling from above, any unexpected impact, or even just a simple fall – a helmet will always keep the head free of damage or at least keep the damage low.

Without a helmet, even the simplest of bumps can escalate to severe injuries, disability, or even death. So, using one of these is almost an obligation.

5 Best Chainsaw Helmet Reviews in 2021

For those who want to get all the benefits from a chainsaw helmet, it is time to learn about the various models available. Here are five of the best helmet models out there:

01. Husqvarna ProForest Helmet System

The way to stay entirely safe while sawing trees is to use a forestry helmet. This one from Husqvarna offers everything you could expect one of these helmets to offer.

It is called the ProForest System. This name comes from the combination of a helmet, a UV-protected hat, a 6-point suspension for extra comfort & protection, and a magnificent 25 dB hearing protector.

With the hard hat with UV resistance, you get one of the most effective ways to keep your head free of any damage. We know how difficult it can be to be consistently sawing trees down and being just below. That’s why a Husqvarna helmet is the way to go.

Along with the hard-hat, you get a 6-point suspension, so you can achieve your ideal level of comfort while protecting your head even further. If anything impacts the helmet, it will simply bounce to prevent damage.

And of course, let’s not forget the 25 dB NPR protectors for your hearing. They will keep your eardrum safe from the constant noise of a chainsaw.

But that’s not all. This system also manages to include a face screen and a rain neck protector. To increase the safety level while using this helmet, you will get the ideal wood-free experience of a neck & face cover.

Add the fantastic Hi-Viz orange color of the helmet, and you’re getting one of the best options out there. To get those trees down like a confident expert, nothing stands better than the ProForest system.


  • Additional impact absorption with a suspension system
  • Reliable and durable UV-resistant hard hat
  • Excellent NPR hearing protectors
  • Practical face screen and neck cover


  • Doesn’t adjust to the head
  • Useless rain guard

02. Neiko 53880A 4-in-1 Safety Helmet

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Now’s the time of the Neiko 53880A, a 4-in-1 helmet that offers all you need in a safety system and a little more.

This model starts with a heavy-duty hard hat. It meets all the most critical standards for safety helmets out there, so you can be sure it will keep your heat-protected even with the hardest impact.

But what really makes it resistant is the foam headband inside. Along with a soft plastic lining, you can feel completely safe even with the hardest of tree-sawing operations.

Of course, you also get hearing protection with NPR 22 earmuffs. This cushioned headset keeps even the noisiest of chainsaws at only 25.9 dB. You won’t even hear the trees hitting the earth – that’s how amazing it is.

To increase its worth, this system boasts a polycarbonate visor with steel mesh. This helps to keep your face from flying wood chips and sawdust. You won’t have to worry about your eyes or nose getting clogged in wood particles.

But the best of all is the adjustable design. Yes, you can actually adjust this one-size-fits-all helmet to your head. By just turning a knob directly on the back of the system, you can adjust it to your head for the most comfortable safety helmet out there.

And you get all of that without even mentioning the ventilation system on top. With three orifices, the air passing through will enter the helmet and cool you down.

If you are someone who sweats too much, wants to keep his head well protected, or just desire the highest comfort level – then this safety system will not let you down.


  • Sturdy and resilient heavy-duty hat
  • Convenient NPR 22 earmuffs
  • Excellent visor with mesh for extra protection
  • Comfy & ventilated with adjustable design


  • Tricky assembly instructions
  • The visor can’t affect vision

03. ERB 14371 ChainSaw Safety Kit

Keeping your head safe while working with a chainsaw is essential. That’s what the ERB 14371 Safety Kit was designed for.

It boasts every single part you need for an extra safe experience while sawing trees down. From the Omega II helmet for outstanding protection against impacts to the Model 4000 steel face screen, these safety kits will easily go the extra mile to make your job safer.

Of course, the helmet is among the most resistant out there. Its thickness is unbeatable and will maintain a comfortable-enough experience while using.

You also get the face screen, ideal for increasing your face protection while working. Using this part will help you prevent any wood particle from reaching your eyes, nose, or mouth.

But then you also get the Model 5000 visor attachment. It is a type of carrier that holds the screen to your face in three different positions. Each position is lockable so you can pick the right one for your needs depending on what you’re working on.

Also, the large Model 2800 sound shield keeps your hearing safe. Even with the loudest of noises, this system will keep your eardrums healthy.

And finally, you get the Model 116 anti-fog goggles. These polycarbonate lenses with vinyl frame add extra protection for your eyes so you can work for several hours without any problem.

To make the safety kit comfortable as well, you get the Model 19182 chin strap. It will secure the helmet and accessories to your face with elastic. You will never feel unsafe anymore with this system.


  • Extra head protection with thick helmet
  • Immense earmuffs for eardrum protection
  • Convenient anti-fog goggles
  • Comfy & reliable design with elastic chin strap


  • The accessory attachment point is not as reliable as expected
  •  Tends to slide off backward

04. Husqvarna Pro Forest 577764601 Helmet System

It is time for another forestry safety helmet from Husqvarna, but now a newer version of the ProForest.

Husqvarna knows what every risk-taker wants, so they created a safety helmet model that takes even the smallest detail into account.

It all starts with the heavy-duty hard hat. With a unique Hi-Viz orange color that helps with identification and extra visibility, it also comes with one of the strongest UV-resistant builds out there.

Almost all of its protection comes from the excellent 6-point suspension, a system that absorbs most impacts effectively to keep users safe even in the most challenging situations.

The system also boasts a 25 dB protector for your eardrums. It will prevent any loud noise from harming your hearing, making it easy to work with the noisiest chainsaws.

You also get a rain shield and a rain neck protector. They will both make your experience better when using. Especially in moist and rainy situations, they will both prevent any water from falling to your neck or face.

Lastly, you get the plastic mesh visor. It helps to keep wood particles off your face at all times. Even if you’re sawing the dirtiest of woods, this helmet will promote a clean & more comfortable experience.

Overall, this is a helmet that offers everything. From the headband for adjustable comfort to the practical visor for extra protection – you won’t have anything to complain about with this model.


  • Excellent 6-point suspension for extra safety
  • Earmuffs keep your hearing intact
  • Comfy headband for easier wearing
  • Practical visor with rain protector


  • Assembly instructions are tricky to follow
  • May move on your head when using

05. Oregon 563474 Chainsaw Safety Protective Helmet

Using a helmet should be all about safety and nothing else. That’s what Oregon wants to provide with this Chainsaw Protective Helmet.

It boasts a high-quality plastic construction that resists even the hardest of impacts. Using a 6-point suspension system, you can expect superior impact absorption but also impressive comfort when using

It doesn’t leave ventilation behind, though. Despite its excellent protection, the system delivers a 6-hole ventilation system that keeps the user cool and fresh.

But it doesn’t end there. This helmet will also come with an earmuff set that protects your eardrums at all times. This system reduces overall noise to really low decibels. And surely, they are decently comfortable to use for hours.

The best about this helmet, however, is the fantastic steel mesh visor. Yes, this visor helps to protect your face from any flying wood chip or any sawdust coming your way. It flips up and down for extra convenience and provides amazing durability nonetheless.

The whole helmet is completely light still. You will have the chance to use it for many hours without feeling tired or uncomfortable. Using an adjustable harness system, you can make it work according to your needs without feeling the slightest discomfort.

Apart from that, the breathability and overall protection it offers will promote a much better working performance. It doesn’t matter if it is to cut the occasional log or tree, or to work every day with – this helmet will not disappoint.


  • Exceptional steel mesh for extra safety
  • Extra ventilation with 6-hole system
  • Ideal hearing protection with comfy earmuffs
  • Comfortable & reliable adjustable harness


  • Very light construction
  • Complex assembly process

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you’re genuinely looking for the best possible chainsaw safety helmet for your job or occasional sawing – then you need to know what to look for.

Here we explain all the different aspects to think about when buying:

  •  Material

The choice of material makes a big difference in how resistant and durable the helmet is. Most of them come with ABS plastic, one of the sturdiest options available. But you may also find less sturdy alternatives such as polyester resins.

We recommend sturdy options above anything else. And if you can get something with a fiberglass or polyester coating along with UV-resistant construction, you’ll be getting an almost perfect helmet.

This will add to the durability and overall resistance of the product. Fortunately, most models today come with a strong-enough construction so you won’t really have to waste much time getting the right one.

  •  Comfort

This is a little tricky to find out when it comes to chainsaw helmets because the fitting and the design of helmets can be a bit complicated.

For example, most helmets come with a headband. This headband adjusts to the top of the head or front of the user, delivering enough pressure to fit comfortably.

But some models come not only with a headband but with a chin strap. This adds even more safety to the helmet as it will fit more tightly to the head.

Other models come with only a chin strap, while others offer a nape band. They are all pretty safe in their own way, so you must go for the one you find comfier.

We recommend going for those with adaptable sizing, especially headbands with an adjustable knob or strap. That would be the ideal choice if you want to feel safe but also comfy while using.

Overall, just make sure the helmet fits your head entirely and doesn’t move too much. It is better to have a small helmet that barely fits than a big one that is always moving around.

  • Breathability

Apart from comfort, you’ll want a helmet that’s breathable enough. That means a helmet with sufficient ventilation so you can feel fresh while using it.

Typically, helmets do not cover the entire head, which is a plus in freshness. But still, they can be pretty hot and make anyone sweat more than usually.

To prevent that or at least minimize the effect, you’ll want a helmet with a few ventilation holes. This will keep the interior of the helmet fresher and prevent the excessive sweat over time. In the long run, this also makes you feel more comfortable.

  • Color

The color is hugely important, even if it doesn’t look like it. Why? Simply because the right color can not only help you identify yourself as someone who uses a saw but may also help to keep you visible in dark places.

For example, yellow and orange colors are the most usual for safety chainsaw helmets. They help to keep the user visible even in areas with the lowest light.

Other colors such as green, blue, or red may be helpful, but they aren’t the best for chainsaw users in the forest, as they can be harder to identify.

  • Maintenance

Before you get a helmet or safety systems, make sure you know how hard it can be to maintain it. Remember that there are different designs out there, so getting one that demands lots of upkeep may not be your best idea.

For example, more forestry safety systems have visors, headbands, chin straps, and earmuffs. To clean and make sure all parts are always ready to be used, you’ll have to clean them up after using.

For that, you’ll probably have to be continually disarming the helmet and arming back again after using. Of course, most maintenance for helmets is just cleaning, so it won’t demand much time.

  •  Earmuffs

The earmuffs on safety helmets are not obligatory. But most helmet systems nowadays have them. That’s why you’ll have to consider how you prefer them.

You’ll mostly find them either small or big. Some earmuffs will barely cover your ear and reduce exterior noise to about 25 dB.

The largest ones can cover the whole ear and provide enough eardrum protection by reducing the noise to 20 dB or even less.

But this is not only about protection but also comfort. Some people don’t like to be working with huge headsets on their ears and vice versa. So be sure of what you prefer before picking.

  • Visor 

This is another common addition to chainsaw helmets nowadays. So, you will also have to consider how you want the visor of the helmet.

Here, you will find some that have plastic or steel mesh visors. These help to keep the face protected from wood chips, sawdust, and flying parts when working with a chainsaw. The mesh may affect the vision a little, but they are decently affordable.

Others will have an ABS or polycarbonate mask. These are also protective but even more so. They will block even the sawdust and other small particles coming from the chainsaw. These also have a little better visibility but are often way more expensive and bulky than mesh visors.

Pick the one you prefer. Remember that it comes down to your demands but also what you’ll feel better with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Think you’re ready to get the best forestry safety helmet? You probably aren’t yet. That’s why we bring a few common questions buyers make before choosing:

Q: How many years does a chainsaw helmet last?

A: They can last a lifetime without problems. But if you see any sign of breakage, splitting, or cracks in the helmet, it is better to replace it for a new one.

Q: How often should I clean my helmet?

A: It is recommended to keep the helmet and accessories clean at all times. That could demand some tweaking of the different parts, but it shouldn’t take more than just a few minutes after using.

Q: Can I replace the visor of my helmet?

A: Yes, all visors should be replaceable no matter the model or brand of the helmet. Some models may not offer that feature, but it is very rare.

Q: Does a chainsaw helmet protect from electrical dangers?

A: Yes, the plastic construction of a chainsaw helmet is totally non-conductive. This means that no electricity will pass through it. If a live wire touches the helmet, the user won’t be affected.

Q: Will my chainsaw helmet scratch with wood chips & sawdust?

A: No. The construction of most helmets prevents any wood particle from causing any damage to the surface.

Final Words 

After going through all of our reviews and reading the buying guide, you should be ready to pick the best chainsaw helmet for your needs.

Remember to take each one of our recommendations and buying advice into work if you want the perfect helmet for your chainsaw operations. You won’t regret making your choice based on that!

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