Best Chainsaw Bar Oil 2021

Updated On — 14th Jan, 2021

Does your chainsaw throw-off every once in a while? If it does, then it is reminding you to introduce Best Chainsaw Bar Oil to it. The oil will keep the machine properly running. Now, you might be thinking of purchasing chain oil and want the best one for your device. If so, then you are in the right place.

For, we have come up with detailed reviews of some of the top quality lubricants out there. Among these, you will find the best chainsaw bar oil you are looking for. So, read on to find out everything there is to know about bar oils.

Why Do You Need Bar and Chain Oil?

A chainsaw is quite expensive in general. To get such a durable device, you will have to spend a little. But, its durability depends on the maintenance it gets. If you want it to last long, you will have to provide it with sufficient lubrication.

And, this is where chain oil steps in to play the crucial role of providing lubrication for the chain.

Chain oil makes the chainsaw more efficient to cut the wood at a good speed. It ensures the durability of the chain. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the lubricant in place while working with a chainsaw.

Drawbacks of Using Motor Oil on Chainsaws

Indeed, our forefathers got away with using motor oil on chainsaws. They didn’t notice any wear of the chainsaw for that. But, nowadays, it is not recommended to use motor oil instead of bar oil anymore.

If the motor oil has been used already, then it might contain bits of metal. These are potential abrasives that can damage the chain. Thus, it would reduce the durability of the pocket chainsaw review.

Motor oils are not as tacky as bar oil. These will fail to stick to the chain and are going to sling off eventually. Then you will have to oil the chain more frequently. It will cost you more, as a result. Therefore, you should not use motor oil for your chainsaw.

Top 5 Best Chainsaw Bar Oil Reviews

Here we have reviewed the top products in the market. Go through these to make an informed buying decision and get the best oil for chainsaw you can find out there.

01. Maxpower 337045 1-Gallon Bar and Chain Oil

This 1-gallon chain oil will save you a healthy amount of bucks. In terms of quality and durability, this is the best bar and chain oil available in the market. Once you get a hold of this, you are most likely to use no other bar oil again.

They have introduced an additive in it, which is wear-resistant. When you touch it, you will find it sticky. You would assume that it is the viscosity coming into play, but you would not be right.

Are you familiar with the classic Husqvarna oil? It is that oil which is well known to be tremendously tacky. Nevertheless, it slings all over. The oil we are reviewing is pretty much like this oil.

It will come in handy when you are left with dried out oil you had bought earlier. With this oil, you will have a backup at that time. If you are worried about handling a large bunch of wood, this chain will be of your assistance, making the job easier.

And it offers all these benefits despite being reasonably priced. The features it comes with may not be too fancy, but, if you happen to own a cordless unit of a chainsaw, you will not want to switch to any other bar oil.

There might be some users who find the tackiness of the oil insufficient. But, if you ask me, I do not think, that is the case. It seems like an outstanding product when it comes to stickiness.


  • Outstanding work with cordless units of chainsaw
  • Wear-resistant additives provide the durability of the chain
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Stickiness suggests viscosity, though it is not the case

02. Poulan Pro 952030204 Bar and Chain Oil- 1 Gallon

This chain oil knows how to eat weed. You will be able to use it on a professional level, yet it would not require a big amount of money. It is resistant to high temperature and rust. When the temperature is low, it will flow freely. The wear-resistance property helps in preventing chains from getting jammed.

You would notice some red tints in it. We are talking about mineral oil. There is a presence of red dye which might not seem necessary at first, but it will when you are going to be cutting through a log.

The oil will last longer than most of the other chain oils. It is because of the incomplete solidness of the metals. They contain small pores.

Once the oil makes its way through the pores, it will stay there for a long time. Thus, it gives you a head start for your next project. You will not have to deal with a completely dry metal then.

It might be more convincing to some users to use the oil of the same brand that the machine itself came from. But my choice is different in this case.

Lubricants are made in a way so that they can serve various purposes on different machines. It always happens that the lubricant gets along better with the machine than the oil provided by the brand. This bar oil will be a good option for 2-stroke engines.


  • Prevents chain from jamming
  • The red dye assures proper lubrication
  • Great price


  • It could be a bit thicker

03. Oregon 54-059 Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil, 1 Gallon

This chain oil would be perfect for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. It comes with proper composition to deliver good performance in both types of machines, 2-stroke and 4-stroke.

What is amazing is that the oil will not leave much residue, if any at all because its components are combusted at an appropriate temperature.

You will find the oil strong enough to prevent rust or scuffing of the chain link. As far as tackiness is concerned, you will not have a chance to complain in this regard. This is because the machine will not let you hear many throw-offs when the weather is too hot or cold.

It will also help in delivering good cutting performance as well as reduce the cutting time.

Compared to Ester oil, this one will work better on 2-stroke engines. Ester oil is more suitable for a 4-stroke engine. They come with some additives, such as zinc, that does not combust in 2-stroke engines properly.

Zink might be a good additive for preventing wear, but it is not appropriate for engines running with polybutene. Since this chainsaw oil comes with an adequate amount of polybutene, you can use it on any type of engine in different weathers.

Moreover, this chain oil does a good job in reducing the friction a chainsaw has to go through. Thus, the engine becomes more powerful. As a result, your chainsaw will have an impressive cutting performance. With this thick oil, there will be no sap, pitch, or clogging up of the chain.

This product might be expensive, considering the prices of other chain oils out there. But, the versatility it comes with makes it worth the price. You can use it for pole saws and jaw saws as well.


  • Great tackiness
  • Prevents corrosion and rust
  • Eco-friendly by leaving behind a little or no residue


  • Dries out quickly if you do not use it in time

04. HUSQVARNA FOREST & GARDEN 610000161 Gallon Chain Saw Bar/Chain Oil

This is a top-quality gallon of chain and bar oil. You can use it with any of the chainsaws from Husqvarna. What is outstanding is that it comes with base stocks blend for reducing any throw-off.

They have made it very sticky to keep the chainsaws running efficiently. In extremes of temperature, you will find the most use of this bar oil.

Moreover, this is a renowned brand that has been in the scene for quite a while. Among the quality products they have come up with, this is one of the best. It has additives for increased tackiness. These are anti-wear ensuring the durability of the chainsaw.

When you get busy with cutting jobs, you always want them to be finished quickly. A gallon of chain oil like this will be useful in this case. For, it will reduce the cutting time by making the saw much more efficient. It does that by reducing heat as well as friction.

In terms of affordability, there should not be any problem. It is reasonably priced, yet delivers high performance. Within this price range, I doubt that there is any product out there with such quality. Its users are seen appreciating this fact greatly.

The thickness it comes with is not too much or too less, just perfect. So, you can use it on the chainsaws in any season.

You will find it viscous enough to keep the chainsaws running well. All these features make us highly recommend this chainsaw bar oil.


  • Cheap, considering the performance
  • High viscosity and tackiness
  • Reduces cutting time greatly


  • Does not come with anything to prevent overflow

05. Husqvarna 610000023 Bar & Chain Oil, Quart

This chain oil will be a good option for pretty much all types of chainsaws out there. If you are looking for a lubricant that will provide enough tackiness, have a look at this one.

With comprising a blend of base stocks, the oil will be impressively tacky, thanks to the additives it contains. There will not be any annoying throw-offs with these in place.

On hot summer days, you will find this lubricant to remain in good form. It is difficult for oils to avoid being drippy like this oil does. So, that would be a benefit of buying this product. After applying it to the chainsaw, it will be viscous enough to not fall off the chain.

As chainsaws need to go through a lot of difficult tasks, they wear down after a while. Then you end up needing a new unit. Therefore, you need good thick and sticky chain oil for keeping the saw running for an extended period.

The oil plays a crucial role in maintaining the chainsaw. If it wasn’t there, you would have to repair the parts of the chainsaw every now then.

Consequently, there would have been a big amount of money spent. On the other hand, using this oil regularly will help the saw to do its job, which is cutting the wood at a great speed.

To reduce the cutting time, it minimizes the friction and heat generated during the process. Thus, the cutting process becomes fun and easy altogether. If you are a professional, you need that convenience to earn better.


  • Provides good cutting speed
  • Perfectly tacky for reducing throw-off
  • Ensures the durability of the chainsaw by preventing wears


  • Very expensive

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Things to Consider Before Buying

Engines do not get along with any oil. They are choosy when it comes to their lubricant. You would have a bar oil that suits one engine perfectly, but when you apply it to another engine, it might end up making the engine weak.

Therefore, it’s important that you purchase the appropriate oil for your chainsaw. But, it has become quite a task to choose among all these products the market has to offer.

Since all of them come with delightful features, you will sometimes become so confused that you just give up caring anymore. Thus, you end up buying things randomly, which is not the ideal way to go.

It is not easy to choose something out of loads of products out there, especially if it involves very tiny differences in terms of feature. But, worry not, for we are here to help.

We will tell you about the features that make quality bar oil for chain saw. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before buying the product:

  • Budget

If you are willing to pay a good amount of bucks to get the best quality, you should go for the product from a well-known brand. But, if you cannot afford to pay much and want a good deal at the same time, that is also available.

The market is not all about expensive products. There are enough options for buying products at a reasonable price.

Earlier in the review, we talked about how Oregon oil works efficiently on both types of engine. It is expensive. But, if the quality is your concern, not many products can beat it.

Then again, if it is too much for you, I suggest that you go for any of the other products on the list, and you will not be disappointed in any way. Though these oils differ in cost, they all are very much up for the job.

  • Types of Engines

It is extremely important to check out the particular engine type. Lubricants have different properties, and they are made for specific types of engine. If your chainsaw comes with an engine with low combustion, there is no point in going for additives with high combustion.

This is because these additives are suitable for 4-stroke engines, not the 2-strokes. Ester oil comes with these.

What you need to watch out for is zinc, which is notorious. So, for 2-stroke engines, go for low combusting additives containing oil.

  • Frequency of Using the Chainsaw

If you are in the professional field, you need a lubricant constantly. It is more necessary when the weather condition is extreme. For, there is nothing more annoying than to be left with an empty reservoir.

Therefore, it would be better if you can buy lubricants from a variety of companies. You should buy both the high and medium graded oils.

But, if you are a DIYer, who occasionally works with the chainsaw, a small-sized gallon would be better. Otherwise, you would waste oil by letting them dry out.

How to Use Bar Oil

You have to place the tank on a flat surface. Then, remove the cap to pour in the oil. Make sure that you do not overfill the reservoir. Place the screw cap in its place. If there is an excess of oil, wipe it down. There you go with using the bar oil to lubricate your chainsaw.

If the gallon feels too big and heavy, you might want to use a little bottle to oil the chain. Whenever the chain seems dry, provide it with lubrication.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is it okay to use regular oil for chainsaws?

Although regular oil might work, it is not preferred to use for chainsaws. It will cause the saw to wear. Also, it doesn’t have enough tackiness like that of chain oil.

  1. Does the chain oil have a substitute?

Yes, but not one that is good enough. You can use vegetable oil, canola oil, etc. But, they will not provide the required lubrication.

  1. Will it be okay to use chain oil in a lawnmower?

It might be okay most of the time. But, there is a slim chance that your lawnmower would need repairing for that. So, you better not do it.

  1. Does an electric chainsaw need oil?

Yes, it does. It is because the oil lubricates its chain.

  1. Is it normal for a chainsaw to leak oil?

It is quite normal if the amount of leaked oil is not much. But, when it becomes excessive, you should seek help.


It would be awesome if the article was of any help. Go through the reviews once again to make sure that you are choosing the right product and it is the best chainsaw bar oil within your price range.

Let us know if you found our recommendations useful.

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