The Best 60cc Chainsaw In 2021

Updated On — 16th Mar, 2021

For optimal use, there is no alternative to gas chainsaws as they cannot be beaten when it comes to versatility along with consistent power.

Whether you’re a homeowner who needs to cut wood daily or a new professional trying to get the hang of it, you are probably wondering which chainsaw is the most appropriate one for you.

But unfortunately, with so many options, you might get confused.

Well, do not worry! Because we have narrowed down the best 60cc chainsaws for you. For our review, we have gone through multiple tools and selected the finest ones based on their uses, features, and brand reputation.

So, hopefully, by the end of this read, you will know what you need.

Best 60cc Chainsaw Review in 2021

Below, we have compiled a list of which we think are the best chainsaws of 2019. However, there are numerous numbers of brands and tools out there, and each of them is good in its own ways.

Therefore, our list, along with their features consists of the very best you can find to meet your requirements.

01. Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna is probably the most reputed brand for chainsaws. This expert tool can be used by homeowners but is most appropriate for farm and ranch use. The 60.3cc chainsaw is worth the money, especially with the 2 bonus chains that come with the original purchase.

Also, the 460 Rancher is an extremely powerful tool for cutting trees left and right. Therefore, as you would expect, it’s also on the heavier side with a combined weight of 25.8 lbs, while the powerhead is 12.8 lbs itself.

We have mentioned how reputed this Swedish company is, so it can also be assumed their products have a long lifespan as well. In fact, users have used husky tools for over 15-20 years.

And if that fact hasn’t made you go buy this chainsaw yet, the following surely will. While its power is incredible, the fact that makes the Husqvarna so special is the X-torq engine technology which provides better fuel economy and reduces emissions to make their saws fully compliant even if the emissions are harsh.

With this being a tool for regular usage, it can be ascertained that it is harmful to health. Keeping that in mind, this device comes with a Low-Vib(r) damper system to reduce vibration and make it easier to operate.

Heavy tools, in general, take longer to start, which is why Husqvarna introduced an advanced starter cord to tackle the initial resistance. Now what this does is, it starts the saw effortlessly.

This 60cc tool is one of the best you will ever use, and it is not only because of its powerful cutting technology but also due to its fuel-saving attribute. Surprisingly, if you use a lower cc product, it will consume more fuel than this 60cc saw.

While this is an excellent long-lasting tool, there are minor inconveniences that you may face. For example, the chain may leak oil. Also, you may face other difficulties in maintenance if you aren’t careful.


  • You’ll get 15-20 years of usage
  • Comes almost assembled
  • 2 bonus chains
  • Prone to heavy use
  • Quick start
  • X-torq engine with great power and fuel economy
  • Heightened safety mechanisms


  • Heavy
  • Oil leakage
  • Maintenance takes time

02. Echo (Model CS-590-20) Chain Saw, Gas, 20 in. Bar, 59.8cc

A heavy-duty professional-grade tool that you just can’t miss. It delivers on par with more expensive professional saws. This is exactly the kind of tool you need in your home to cut full cords of wood regularly. It is also recommended for beginners looking for a career in this field.

This beast will cut through just about anything and with great accuracy as well. It comes with a 20 in. bar but you can set the bar length from 16 in. up to 27 in. Even at its top speed of 13000 RPM and bar and chain length of 27 in., it has a good performance.

What sets this Echo chainsaw apart is its digital ignition and decompression device which gives it a reliable and easy start. It almost always starts on the 2nd or 3rd pull. Furthermore, it has a great power-to-weight ratio. The weight feels good on the hands as it is not too heavy like the others of its kind.

To complement its power, the model has a top-notch anti-vibration handler as it makes tingling and buzzing almost nonexistent.

The fueling perks are not far behind either, as it can smoothly run a few hours on a full tank. Along with a good tank capacity of 21.8 oz., it is also see-through for you to check the fuel level. The filters are also easy to maintain.

Finally, ECHO is a well-reputed Japanese brand known to create chainsaws that tackle the toughest jobs, and this tool is no exception.

Moreover, once you buy this product and use it appropriately, you certainly won’t have to worry about buying a new tool anytime soon because Echo chainsaws are known to be long-lasting tools.

Perhaps the only complaint one can have with this tool is that it takes up a lot of fuel, but that concern is nothing new to 60cc chainsaw users. However, we have noticed a few users who have complained about the ignition device, but that problem was only faced by a few users.


  • Cuts like butter
  • Top speed of 13000 RPM
  • Easy to maintain
  • Impressive anti-vibration handler to stop buzzing
  • Professional power machine with a reasonable price
  • Made to adjust with users
  • Durable


  • High fuel consumption
  • There have been cases of problems at the time of switching on

03. HUYOSEN 62CC 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw

This one comes into our consideration as a surprise pick, and this China-built tool rides on the back of its super reasonable price and a great overall package.

First-time users who are not too confident to spend on an expensive tool can definitely try this out based on our recommendation.

The cutting performance checks out as it was as powerful as you’d expect a 62cc saw to be. You might think it isn’t powerful since it’s so cheap, but you are wrong to assume that as this device has got plenty of power to cut down small trees, sawing firewood, and for thinning out scrubs.

Although the engine is powerful, the reason that this tool stands out is that it requires a little amount of fuel to sustain that engine.

Above all, the most promising aspect of the device is its effortless starting system. Unlike other gas tools, this one, astoundingly, starts on the very first pull. Since it has a double spring design to reduce the pull force, the start is also very easy and light on the machine.

To go with the effortless start, this device is also very comfortable and has a good balance because of its anti-vibration system and cushion wrap handle. This makes the product desirable to everyone. The 20 in. steel chain and bar because of its tool-less chain tensioning features makes it effortless to us.

You can also use bar lengths with higher inches. Overall, this is an ergonomic product for its price. While this may be true, the product does not have a throttle lock, meaning you cannot control the flow of the engine. Therefore, once you start the tool, you have to use it in one go.


  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Easy to use
  • Assembly is a breeze
  • Powerful machine to cut small trees
  • Fast start-up
  • Reliable


  • The brand is not popular
  • No throttle lock

04. Blue Max 20160 57cc 22in Chainsaw Cutting Equipment

Blue max chainsaws have gained popularity for their inexpensive yet powerful saws. This is more for occasional heavy use rather than regular use. If you use it properly, this machine won’t disappoint you.

While looking at 60cc chainsaw reviews, we found out this product had awed the users the most. The first striking feature of this tool is its 2-stroke engine rendering an idle speed of about 3400 RPM while its highest speed is 10500 RPM. As a result, not only does this cut real sharp, it also has the stability to maintain itself.

With this product, one thing you don’t have to worry about is the chain. The automatic bar chain oil-feed system makes sure the chain is always lubricated for a continuous smooth run.

A constant bother for the customers is how the chainsaws take time to start. Well, they don’t have to worry about that because this tool starts right away.

As you know, chainsaws are dangerous tools, so safety is a really vital factor for chainsaw users. This device is known for its kickback safety features. The low-range kickback chain break adds an additional layer of safety to tackle kickbacks.

Also, the anti-vibration handler of this product gives you more control and eases the operation. You rarely find good handlers with cheap chainsaws, but this one has it.

An occurring issue with Blue Max chainsaws is that they are somewhat heavy, and users find them difficult to use. But with proper guidance, you can use it effortlessly.

However, even though it is a heavy tool, the power makes up for it. On the other hand, the ease with which you can cut wood with this tool marks it as a very balanced tool overall.

One thing is for sure though, this is not the product you use daily, but if you are cutting firewood or trimming the trees in your garden, this is most definitely the tool you need.

Also, Blue Max being a North American brand supplying cheap chainsaws, are certainly a reliable brand that you can trust.


  • Affordable and reliable
  • An impressive anti-vibration handler provides more control
  • Added safety with low range kickback chain break
  • Automatic bar chain oil-feed system keeps the chain lubricated and up & running
  • Smooth, effortless use and starts right away


  • Heavy as it weighs 20.9 lbs
  • Not for regular heavy-duty use
  • Durability is untested

05. X-BULL 58cc 2-Cycle Full Crank Gas Chainsaw

X-bull chainsaws are not the most professional tool, but homeowners will find this plenty effective. To start with, this is a powerful tool for woodcutting chores.

Chores like cleaning up after a storm, pruning out dead branches or just simple firewood cutting can be accomplished with no sweat.

This 62cc chainsaw makes it on our list due to its sheer power and its weight of 15lb. As the weight is on the lighter side, anybody can use it with ease. The number of sales in the past year also makes this a forerunner for the competition.

How efficiently you can use your tool determines how satisfied you are with it. Therefore, the quick-release air filter and automatic chain-oiler deliver precisely that by keeping the tool in good condition.

Nevertheless, the most noteworthy feature of this tool is the Eco-boost engine. This engine not only adds more power but also reduces fuel consumption. Furthermore, the Engine clean air-intake system prevents dust from entering the engine, which slows down wearing.

The best attribute of a saw is its safety and vibration component. In the X-bull saw’s case, it excels in both. As it is equipped with assisted Starting System & Quick Stopping Control accompanied by an anti-kickback chain for increased safety.

Furthermore, this has an effective anti-vibration design to reduce unnecessary jolting. In terms of power-to-price utility, there’s no better device than this but where it does fall behind is the cheap handlers and plastics used in its construction because it is prone to breaking.

Overall, this will serve you a long time if maintained properly as most of its parts are obtainable in the shops.


  • Powerful and lightweight
  • Well received by users
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy setup
  • Oiler and air filter keeps it in a good condition
  • Reasonable price and durable
  • Effective kickback and vibration solutions


  • Cheap handlers and plastic
  • Automatic oiler may not function sometimes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why is handling important?

You can buy the best tool on the market yet be unable to use it if it doesn’t handle well. It all comes down to how easy it feels to use. A common myth is using force to put pressure, but in reality, the chainsaw cuts on its own.

  1. What is kickback?

Kickback is a common term you’ll often hear with chainsaws. It’s the sudden force that you feel when a moving chain changes direction at the tip of the bar. There are other causes of kickbacks.

But more importantly, the impact depends on how significant the change is with the chain. A sudden stop will have a greater kickback.

  1. What makes a good chainsaw?

Availability of all its parts including Flywheel, Clutch, Decompression Valve, Anti-vibration Handle System, Handguard, Muffler, Chain Brake, Throttle, Throttle Interlock, and Chain Catcher.

  1. Maintenance tips for chainsaws?

Don’t use parts from other devices, follow the instructions on the manual, properly adjust and check damage before using & follow proper storage steps if you’re not planning to use it in a while.

  1. When to mix oil with gas?

All two-cycle engines require gas alongside oil. Also, use good quality bar oil instead of motor oil.


When choosing a chainsaw, making the right call with so many options can be daunting. But hopefully, this article has provided you with some insight or at least taught you what features to look into when selecting the best 60cc chainsaw.

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